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  1. Problem with these failures is 1) did it take out some of the PCB traces, turning it into a mountain rather than a digital highway when the magic smoke came out? If it did, might as well toss the card (sell it on ebay for parts or not working, with the heatsink--you might get a few quid for it). 2) finding out WHAT made the VRM explode to begin with, whether the VRM itself just decided to (Q)uit life itself, or whether you have a short to ground somewhere else (which could mean even if you replaced the components, the same thing would happen again unless you find precisely wh
  2. Max supported temp is 93C on the core before shutdown. Hotspot temp may affect fans, but neither hotspot nor memory junction temp was even available as a temp until Martin and Wizzard (CPUZ) found the NVAPI calls to monitor it. 13C core temp delta from core to hotspot could either mean you need new thermal paste, bad or overheating VRM thermal pads (this affects the hotspot also) or could be the stock delta. Impossible to know without seeing other results from 3060 Ti's, as the hotspot has an absolute minimum delta that will register above the core, depending on SKU.
  3. I think you mean the term is "stripped"? What is stripped exactly? The top of the screw? The screw's threads? Or the PCIE bracket that the screw actually screws into on the case itself? If it's one of the first two, just use a different screw from a different section of the case. If it's the slot bracket hole itself, well.....how the hell did you strip THAT? That's almost impossible to strip unless you overturn like an obsessive OCD person. The only way that can strip is if the the screw is actually installed at an angle, incorrectly, instead of straight down. Installing at an
  4. The fix for the internal parity error is enough reason to switch. Needing 20 threads instead of 16 threads (10 vs 8 physical cores) for gaming is like someone saying they need a RTX 3090 because 3080 10 GB isn't enough RAM... There's been a whole lot of discussion about that error in the 6 months since RKL launched, and a lot more people have encountered it in more and more newer titles, sometimes having to completely remove their overclocks to stop it.. One person did a test over on OCN and determined that if you disabled 2 cores on the 10900k (turning it into a 9900k, ahem)
  5. Rocket Lake was the first non skylake CPU (that's why there was an IPC increase as well as fixes to prevent the "Internal Parity Error" encountered in quite a few recent games (and legendary in Minecraft). It just got a bad rap because it used a chpset that was a stopgap between existing compatibility with Skylake cores (10900k) and Cypress Cove (basically, Ice Lake running on 14nm). This caused a latency penalty due to the Gear 2 mode for DDR4 (in Gear 1 mode it was almost as low in latency as Comet Lake). ADL is going to be very interesting. But I wonder what the be
  6. It's sort of hilarious. "640k ought to be enough for anybody" is far different than "640k is all you'll ever need". The first speaks in the present tense, meaning what programs and applications are available at the time. And is more pointed towards the 8088's processor memory limitations and that with respect to IBM's "home computer" competitors, the Apple II and the Commodore 64 (both limited to 64k). The Apple II/e I think could go up to 128k, I forgot, similar to the Commodore 128 (this system actually used two chips with a hardware "Mux" switch for C64 mode). I mean
  7. This thread made my day after a hard day of studying chess. And loved the Star Trek IV gif. Thank you.
  8. Hotspot temps are fixed (Not Operational) on pascal and should be completely ignored. The Delta is always 8C-13C depending on SKU. A program called "Thermspy 3.3.0" (or 3.0.3 which is on techpowerup forums buried somewhere) can show the minimum hotspot delta by firmware (Even Ampere has a hotspot, which actually works properly, but it still has an absolute minimum delta which won't be exceeded, anywhere between 7C to 10C, but can go up to 20-30C if there are some huge thermal pad (VRM) or GPU paste/contact issues!
  9. It means you're going to lag your FPS ass off, that's what.
  10. The normal Windows 10 scheduler is going to have problems with 8 cores running Hyperthreading and 8 cores at a lower TDP running without hyperthreading. You'll need 21H1 or "possibly" 20H2 at the absolute minimum for Alder Lake).
  11. Can you take a picture of the entire front side of the card? Where are the shunt resistors? I don't see them on the card at all. This almost looks like a shunt mod where you allowed too much power through the PCIE slot by reducing the resistance of the shunts (though a 10A fuse should allow <120W directly through the PCIE slot before it blows). On a 2080, that would literally require >600W total board power (250W through each 8 pin and then 120W through PCIE slot...). Why are there open pads on the first picture of the card? One of them looks like a shunt resi
  12. Most decent solder contains a core of flux. This makes it possible to actually solder without it refusing to stick to anything. You still need manual flux because you have to anti-oxidized the actual *surface* you are soldering, as well as to help "direct" the path of solder--the solder will want to migrate to the part that is freshly fluxed--that's the problem. Solder with a flux core doesn't help much here.
  13. The reason I said those recommendations is because I'm a lot more similar to you than I would care to admit. I know exactly what it's like and I know *PRECISELY* where it leads to. You do NOT want to end up doing some of the things I've done. You don't even want to KNOW some of the things I've done. If I could have answered your questions, I would have. But you cant answer questions when your own brain is playing tricks on you because your emotions/ego/need for security (and predictability / consistency / stability) are unable to accept things (very often because of past trauma, often bec
  14. Not to be mean but you need a mental health therapist to fix that because you probably have some underlying untreated issue. That type of reaction is extremely unhealthy (as well as unpleasant for you). And this forum, we are frowned on talking or ask about things where someone needs professional help rather than random internet advice.
  15. You can read the book here if you're interested. http://libgen.is/search.php?req=The+Strange+Theory+of+Light+and+Matter&open=0&res=25&view=simple&phrase=1&column=def