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  1. What in the heck is kijiji ? And why did you pay with cash? Well you're screwed now. Hope you learned your lesson. Next time buy from places with actual protection. If you're going to pay cash for ages old crusty hardware, make sure you can verify that it actually works, unless you want a P-P-Powerbook!
  2. Those old Korean and Chinese pay to win MMO's.... And people forgot maplestory and "Those 2x exp cards will never be released in NA", stated by the Japanese (JMS) Gamemaster in early 2007. Back then, the only thing you needed was a 90 day Free Market shop for like $10 every 3 months and you were good. Then we started getting 2x drop cards, then later in the summer, those 2x exp cards finally appeared and it was slowly on the death spiral to pay to win....
  3. I don't want to call you dumb, since a dumb person would have bought that card. You were smart to ask before buying. But yes, it is dumb to be willing to pay that price for that card. If that were a 2080 Super, then even THAT is not worth $800, but in today's market, at least it isn't a COMPLETE ripoff--just a ripoff. A 3080 FE is $750 after the Tariffs and is much faster than the 2080 Super and has more VRAM. But we're talking about a 2070 Super here... If you need a card, get an invite to the ATR Discord and set an alert for the bot channels and monitor the alerts. Be
  4. I got my 3090 FE from the ATR discord alert, for the Best Buy October 9th drop. That is what I would recommend.
  5. Usually stuttering like this is caused by a problem with the Shader cache. Did you use DDU in windows safe mode? I've seen some posts where using DDU can wreck havoc with the shader cache after a new driver install for awhile until you let it fully rebuild. Another thing you can do is to turn off shader cache in NVCP, then delete NVCache (i don't remember where) folder, reboot the computer, then re-enable shader cache and let the games rebuild it.
  6. Try older drivers. Try 456.98 Hotfix and report your results first.
  7. You need to power off and reboot after flashing a bios, not run thundermaster beforehand.
  8. Arctic Ceramique 1 (not 2) is what you want if you want it to last next to forever. People have said Thermalright TFX has lasted on laptops where Kryonaut pumped out, but TFX is still not widely used enough, and too expensive, to make a judgement on that.
  9. The fact that it even has a verification code slip in the box makes it pretty certain it's not counterfeit. But obviously not 100%. Did you try changing a single letter of the code? I assume what you're worried about is the code being 'cloned' and then used on fake kryonaut. I think at this point, your best bet is to contact Thermal grizzly directly and wait for instructions from them. At this point I doubt anyone on linustechtips can help you.
  10. You realize I was referring to the guy above my post and not you, right? I was trying to help you... Anyway I haven't purchased Kryonaut since 2017. I still have my 11.1 gram tube to go through, and then after that there's the Kryonaut Extreme. I just prefer TFX now since it doesn't degrade like Kryonaut can often do on non perfect fitting heatsinks or direct dies. So I don't know anything about the new color change. It does look "white" in the one picture I saw of it, while the one I have looks like a metallic like blueish-gray, as I mentioned above, but the fact that
  11. How can it be a refresh when you get 8 GB of VRAM instead of 11 GB?
  12. This is a loaded question, because you're basically asking "what CPU will stop increasing your FPS (specifically min FPS) when you increase the clock speed by 100 mhz"? Unless you're playing at 4k, every CPU on the market will "bottleneck" your 3090 in some way.
  13. You can't adjust core voltage. All the slider does is unlock one higher tier on the V/F frequency curve (usually 1.081v-1.10v on 3080/3090), which also will increase the clocks by +15 mhz, and the slider affects the "threshold" (something related to temps) where that tier will be used.