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  1. I would find what exact size thermal pads you need for each section of the card (may need different thicknesses depending on if VRAM, VRM's, chokes/spacers, etc, or front or backside), and consider replacing the thermal pads and repasting the GPU Core. I would do this before tossing money around on PSU's. Some cards simply have the pads degrade and overheat without any way to monitor anything but the GPU Core temp itself.
  2. Repasting your card is easy. Just grab some decent, thick thermal paste (thick is important because these cores are notoriously convex, so a thin paste like Kryonaut may NOT be the best!), I recommend Thermalright TFX (Thermagic ZF-EX from China / vietnamese shops is the same paste btw), Thermalright TF8 (seems to be the same as Thermagic ZF-12) or Coolermaster Mastergel Maker Nano (the new versions seem to be thicker than the old). then repaste it with one of these two patterns: X with 4 small drops in each quadrant of the X: Or alternativel
  3. Why in heaven's name are you trying to use a 250W PSU with a 170W video card?? The last time I had a PSU that TINY was over 20 years ago! Not only that, that seems to have two 12v rails, 18A each, and god knows what rail the video card is going to sit on. 18*12=216W but I don't know if the magic smoke is going to come out here. I hope you're not trying to start a fire or destroy your computer or something.. Buy a decent PSU. What are your full computer specs? I'm guessing you should have at least a 450W PSU.
  4. Ok listen. That's a VRM or some sort of capacitor that exploded. That's major. Like...ggwp magic smoke major. Can you please do us a favor? Please take apart the GPU completely--meaning: remove the heatsinks completely from the GPU. Take a CLEAR PICTURE of both the FRONT and BACK of the GPU. NO HEATSINKS OR BACKPLATES on it please, Upload a clear picture of BOTH SIDES. Also: Bonus points: I will be very grateful Please take a clear picture of your motherboard. Try to remove all add-in cards or obstructions or cables that would bloc
  5. You could try to paint through the traces with conductive paint, like MG chemicals MG842AR silver paint. You would either need a very fine point to paint each broken trace through the scratched part, or possibly you can use the MG 842AR pen version (rather than the small jar version). If you do choose to go this route, make fully sure you do not cross the traces at all. One thing you can do is to take some Super 33+ electrical tape and carefully trim out a path along a trace and then block the others, so that there is no risk of a messup (you would have to do that carefully by cutting out t
  6. Please keep in mind that you guys are mentioning units made before the OneSeasonic revamp. Ideally with 2020+ video cards, you do NOT want to buy the models made before year 2019, due to transient OCP issues. The old models carry the name "Prime Ultra Platinum/Titanium/Gold" or "Focus Platinum/Gold", etc. The new models are designated directly by their product code name in a more condensed, easier to understand format. Also, the PSU cables of all of the OneSeasonic models are also compatible with each other. So for example, you do NOT want to buy a Focus Plus Gol
  7. Hot swap? No. Hot swap means you remove something with the power still on, like a USB Device. Apparently there's some sort of hot swap feature for SATA devices but I do not know how that works. And you absolutely do NOT hot swap anything that has a slot, ever. If you mean installing a new card without uninstalling video drivers, this isn't recommended because there could be old settings still active that could mess up certain things. I actually had the "Cart" in windows store corrupted (it caused a chunk 0 error through a browser, and a white screen on the actual store app--on
  8. I'll be waiting for your next thread when you rip eVGA with a pitchfork and start telling everyone to buy Zotac or MSI, after your FTW3 3090 dies with the red LED light of death while playing Halo or League of Legends. The Strix is the best non LN2 card on the market once you properly thermal pad it. It has the highest internal power rail limits once you shunt mod the card (avoids MSVDD throttling in Timespy Extreme, unlike all other reference / FE cards that are shunt modded).
  9. While distilled water may work, just buy some 99% alcohol and douse the entire card in there. That way, it can dry fully and no risk of shorting. The problem with water is, water can get into little tiny parts where it can take ages to dry, and even if it's distilled, it can become non distilled and conductive with time. It can also corrode parts as well. Just use alcohol. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07L6MMV7F Jay2cents used alcohol in his deep cleaning video. Card got cleaned and worked fine. If you need more liquid, you ca
  10. CT random question, is that avatar a sketch of you? Or is that Faker before his appearance changed?
  11. Are you high? I get over 200 FPS in Warzone on my 3090.