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  1. mtz_federico

    One cable to a plug, two ISPs?

    The other ISP will put their own cables so yes it is possible
  2. mtz_federico

    RDP Connestion issue

    well yeah his best option is to talk to IT at work
  3. mtz_federico

    RDP Connestion issue

    It is probably blocked at your work, try changing the port used by RDP
  4. mtz_federico

    Plex Server Setup

    For the stuff that you don't mind loosing use raid 0 I would use Ubuntu. I would recommend having the servers and the storage in the same computer
  5. mtz_federico

    (Stupid Question) - Multiple Unifi controllers one one network

    Yes, just adopt the UniFi device from the controller that you want it to be on and if you have problems just ssh into the device and manually adopt it
  6. mtz_federico

    USB hotspot for dell chromebook 11

    here is verizons website for hotspots just check which ones support tethering via usb (probably all of them) https://www.verizonwireless.com/internet-devices/
  7. mtz_federico

    HELP xserve

    You have to make a bootable USB installer with the latest supported MacOS version.
  8. mtz_federico

    Access point and switch recommendations

    If you want to know more about Ubiquiti aps I recommend you to check on YouTube crosstalk solutions and Lawrence Systems / pc pickup
  9. mtz_federico

    Access point and switch recommendations

    Not too hard. You just need to install a controller on your computer and from there you set it up. The controller doesn't have to be running all the time only when you need to change a setting
  10. mtz_federico

    Access point and switch recommendations

    Depends, if you don't need much coverage an in wall is good or for more coverage an AP AC-LR
  11. mtz_federico

    Access point and switch recommendations

    I would go for a ubiquiti ap and any gigabit switch
  12. mtz_federico

    VOIP Phones on home network?

    if you have two ip phones you could use freePBX and connect those phones to freePBX this youtube channel has a lot of videos showing how to use freepbx https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVS6ejD9NLZvjsvhcbiDzjw/videos
  13. mtz_federico

    Is There a Free Webhost That Allows File Hotlinking?

    Why don't you host it yourself on a pc that you leave at your house on a linux vm running LAMP and you could get a domain using something like NO-IP
  14. mtz_federico

    Server building and components guides?

    I think I used something like this https://github.com/juhovh/shairplay to do the wireless speakers but this only works on Apple devices
  15. mtz_federico

    Fibe tv box through router? Possible or not?

    This might help you https://community.ubnt.com/t5/EdgeRouter/Bell-PPPoE-and-IPTV-with-FTTH-Guide-configuration-and-tidbits/td-p/1686977