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  1. mtz_federico

    Plex and PfSense VPN

  2. mtz_federico

    Setting up my own VoIP server

    For the server setup I recomend FreePBX. Chris from crosstalk solutions has a youtube series on setting up FreePBX. And for your number I recomend that you ask your cable provider if they support acces to the number via a sip trunk (probably don’t) or you could transfer it to a sip trunk provider.
  3. mtz_federico

    Plex and PfSense VPN

    PIA does offer the ability to portforward specific ports but I believe it only works when you are using their client and on pfsense you have to use OpenVPN.
  4. mtz_federico

    AppleTV IP Address

    Mine shows as the name that I gave my apple tv which is the same name that I gave it for airplay
  5. whats the equibalent to something like %USERPROFILE% from windows on linux/macos to do something like mv %USERPROFILE%/Desktop/FILE %USERPROFILE%/Desktop/FOLDER/FILE here is more info that I found when googleing https://superuser.com/questions/1054094/universal-user-id-for-hyperlinks-to-folders
  6. mtz_federico

    My server got hacked?

    try doing this. maybe someone is using your domain to send email withouy having to access your VPS
  7. mtz_federico

    Someone is hacking my server,I need your help

    Just change the default port for ssh (if you dont use telnet block it), use ssh keys and block ssh acces for the root user
  8. mtz_federico

    Help me get an LTE router to work as a modem..

    try changing the subnet mask to and on your router change the dhcp range to something other than then DMZ your other routers ip on the hotspot
  9. mtz_federico

    Connecting to things locally without router

    Have you tried giving each client a static ip and setting the gateway to one device that has two ethernet ports, one connected to the switch and another connected or disconnected to the router for internet.
  10. mtz_federico

    Overkill Router and Dumb switch VS Consumer Router and Overkill Switch

    I would go overkill router and switch
  11. mtz_federico

    Wired Router Recommendation

    I highly recomend doing this since it alaws you to upgrade in the future
  12. mtz_federico

    Internet speed issue with my computer, but everyone else is fine.

    Then the questions are: did you use the same ethernet cable on both computers when testing? have you tried reinstalling the drivers?
  13. mtz_federico

    Internet speed issue with my computer, but everyone else is fine.

    Have you checked if the ethernet port on your computer is gigabit? did you use the same cable in both computers?
  14. mtz_federico

    Pairing Win 7 and S8

    I thought it was windows 8 sry. usb tethering should indeed work
  15. mtz_federico

    Pairing Win 7 and S8

    I just remembered that you can bridge interfaces on windows here is a tutorial on how to do it https://www.windowscentral.com/how-set-and-manage-network-bridge-connection-windows-10