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    AMD FX-6100
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    ECS A960M-MV
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    8GB Duel Channel DDR3
  • GPU
    Zotac GTX 970
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    1862GB Seagate ST2000DL001-9VT1 SCSI Disk Device (RAID) 465GB Western Digital WDC WD5000AAKS-65A7B SCSI Disk Device (RAID)
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    EVGA 100-W1-0500-RX 500W
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    GAMDIAS Hermes GKB2010
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    GAMDIAS Zeus GMS1100
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    Built In Audio
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    Windows 10 x64 Pro
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  1. it's currently sitting on my server and i want my media to be accessable on any device i deem fit, (phone, pc, whatever) that has an internet connection. i want it accessible both in a LAN setting (say, when my phone is on my home wifi) or when i'm driving around. plex works, in that regard but it's giving me issues such as the transcoder crashing and so my media doesn't get played. i'm unable to use the "optimising" feature that it has.
  2. ok then, how do you propose i serve the files? plex handles this nicely and allows me to play them conveniently.
  3. that's fine and all, but i'm just concerned if i'll run into the same problems i did on the old system i'm using.
  4. haven't. i've been using fedora and the plex server software for that distro. i might want to.
  5. i'm actually unsure if transcoding is needed. i'm basically using plex as a means to listening to my music without having to keep a copy of all my music on all of my devices. they're all either mp3s or flacs.
  6. i'm doing that now. i need more horsepower to make it work properly. clustering the old systems should be sufficient for my purposes.
  7. i mentioned that the... "slave" (unsure if that's the proper term) computers would be handling the transcoding.
  8. too much processing can be a problem to what? the clustered array, or to transcoding?
  9. Hi all, i'm trying to assemble a mediocre-at-best plex server with oldish hardware. Any idea how i would go about this? The idea I have is running the Plex server software on a raspberry pi with two olderish pcs clustered together (the raspi acting as the control computer) to handle storing the data and handling the transcoding.
  10. didn't think they were relevent. PSU: EVGA 500W Mem: ? 8GB ddr3 GPU: Zotac 1060
  11. i haven't tweaked any of the numbers. it's remained as is since i've installed the motherboard.
  12. no, CPU is running at stock speed. 3.3GHz. it's old ddr3 at, from what i can tell 667 MHz. I don't tinker w/ the speeds.
  13. Not since I first got it. It's an old mobo for an old socket. Last bios update was back in 2013.
  14. Hi, I'm noticing a recurring issue with my computer. Well, two problems, but I'll keep this to just the one. I've noticed that when I go to reboot my PC, sometimes it won't POST, sometimes it will. Do you think this is a problem with the mobo? SPECS Mobo: Ecs A960M-M4 CPU: AMD FX-6100