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  1. I did. I was able to get my old phone to work and just have been using that as a mobile console. Heh.
  2. Whenever I enable USB Debugging mode, it disables after "10 minutes of inactivity". I'd like to be able to extend this time to always be on. I have a Realme X. The problem is that whenever I connect my WASP-2 to the phone, after 10 minutes, I have to re-enable USB debugging in order for it to work continuously.
  3. Hey: I recently got a Oppo Realme X and I'm trying to install the Google Play Store APK. Whenever I install it, it says there is a "higher version of "Google Play Store.. already installed." However, I don't see the app on my phone. I have the Chinese ROM and I'm trying to get all the normal google apps. Any ideas of a fix? I have the latest Google Play Services installed and when I try to install an APK of it, it gives me the same message. So far, nothing works. I don't have the Google Play Store. Even the instructions the supplier included in the box doesn't work.
  4. Compared to aluminum, you get about half the weight for the same performance. Compared to steel you're looking at about 5x that. Both bikes would more than likely be designed under the same parameters, so, you're only saving weight. Do you know the grade of the carbon fibre? That's how'd you know the "quality" of it.
  5. Sounds like he is a narcissist. Reference some material for your friend to read.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll take a look at those Lenovos. I also found some refurbished Dell 5290s (i7 15w quad core, 16gb ram) within budget with an external Rx 580 for around 1550 ish. I think this might be the best route for me to do. A 4x pci e 3.0 lane is rather disappointing. A single 580 nearly fully saturated the 4x pci e lanes. Would the enclosure benefit from Thunder bolt 4 in the future?
  7. I'm also thinking of a tablet with thunderbolt 3 and using an external mid range gpu.
  8. Weight isn't an issue. Display size not so much. I'd like it to be portable. Battery needs to last throughout the day for all notes (can be upwards to 5 to 8 hours between being able to charge). I'd be okay with a 2 in 1 if that's my best option. I'm open to all suggestions and input! Thank you.
  9. Hey: TL;DR: need a writing tablet for school (engineering). Torn between 3 choices (a Dell XPS 15, Surface Pro, or iPad Pro + desktop). Looking for alternatives or suggestions. I've been rewarded 1500 CAD towards a machine to use for my disabilities. I have OCD that involves a lot of contamination fears, so I take my notes digitally. If I have an "OCD flare-up", instead of throwing out my paper notes that were effected in the incident, I can just wipe down my laptop/tablet with a disinfectant wipe. Right now, I'm using an Asus Flipbook 14 and a Logitech Mouse Pad when I'm in class. However, this isn't ideal so I was offered 1500 CAD to a new device. I'm studying Mechanical Engineering, so a device that works with AutoCAD, Inventor, Solidworks, Ansys, and so forth is essential. However, since all my notes are digital, pen input is essential. I've used Surface Pros in the past (SP2, SP4) but had some software issues with them. OneNote had a big problem with syncing towards my devices, losing notes, and high DPI displays weren't scaling properly at the time. I no longer have these devices, but the form factor was perfect. A Surface Book would be ideal, but that's anywhere between 2800-3500 CAD. Unless I get more funding, I don't think that would be an option for me. I'd also like to state clear of 2-in-1 flipbooks. If the table is somewhat oily/dirty it sets off my OCD, so I used a mouse pad as a mat right now. However, if that is my only option, I'll use it. The Dell XPS 15 9575 2-in-1 is great. With the Rx Vega M GL, it'll be good for all my software and it uses the Microsoft Pen protocol. They have refurbished / open-box units that are within my budget. I'd say my budget would be a maximum of 2000 CAD. The Surface Pro is the ideal form factor, but the hardware and my issues in the past with display scaling issues isn't. I'd like to stay clear of that one too. The lack of a dedicated GPU is also a problem. I currently use a Asus K551 UX with a 950m and i7-6500U and rendering simple heat sink designs can take hours. Off-loading fluid calculations to the GPU / long interation sessions is going to be problematic on those cooling solutions. I'd prefer just having one device. Also, I was thinking of getting an iPad Pro. No, I can't use the software, but the pen and form factor would be great in class. I was then thinking of building a budget rig for around 500-1000 to fit the engineering requirements. The iPad Pro has much better pen support. I'm also going to be helping with a small business to do vector drawings to help pay for school. The iPad Pro in this case would be ideal. I can't share the funding over 2 devices. It' 1500 towards a single device. I was also thinking of maybe a cheaper iPad and using the 1500 towards a gaming laptop as it would have the resources to deal with my engineering applications. I don't think they'll accept that notion so I'll double check. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or alternatives. I'm leaning more towards the 3rd option as it could also help pay for a desktop over time. Cheers!
  10. How is a product whose warranty control designed to fail not a rip off? If you live in a relatively humid area, it will void your warranty and Apple will refuse to repair. The moment you break the seal, it could be void of warranty because of "water damage". Please explain how you see a product designed to fail represented of a quality product?
  11. HL3 VR would be the next step in FPS. Make an affordable VR too. HL1's key success was given the revolution of a FPS story driven, mod community, and the ability to run on any hardware. If HL3 is designed under a similar philosophy, Valve would, once again, revolutionize the gaming industry.
  12. Which keyboard? The circuit board may not have unique connections per key (true n-key). Cheaper keyboards save costs by batching inputs. It's more than likely the keyboard.
  13. You could try placing noise cancelling phone behind the microphone. I can't recall if the Yeti has an omni-directional mode. This could also help.