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  1. it is just an android tablet, so I don't think it can boot from USB
  2. But how im supposed to install it in the first place?
  3. I have an android tablet and it's currently doing nothing. I wanted to see is it possible to run a desktop OS on the tablet. The specs are: CPU: Intel Atom Z3745, Quad-core 1.86 GHz GPU: Intel Gen 7 (Ivy Bridge) RAM: 2 GB ROM: 16 GB Screen: 1920 x 1200 Model: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 - 1050L
  4. I had to call tech support to ask HOW THE FUCK IM SUPPOSED TO GO INTO THE SETTINGS (of the router) and they said: "Try going into this link (my.contact.bg) and try again ".This fixed the issue and I could change the settings of the router. Thanks to Everyone that tried to help! Have a great day!
  5. Hello, today my ISP changed my router and I wanted to go into it's settings to port forward. However I could not open neither or I tried both wireless and LAN but to no avail. Not even on the router there is URL to go into to set up the router. The router model is Smartcom DE GB. Here is a picture of ipconfig:
  6. Edit: The GPU was broken. The computer works fine now.
  7. CPU: AMD Athlon X2 64 (with stock cooler) GPU: idk MOBO:idk RAM: 2GB PSU:FSP GROUP something... something... 400W
  8. I have an old PC that i got from our basement. The Fans on the PSU,GPU and CPU heatsink are spinning but when i plug the DVI cable to the GPU,but nothing appears on the monitor.I also tried a VGA cable,but again nothing appears on the monitor. Any solutions?