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  1. Try new geforce drivers if any, and check for patch's to metro. Though the engine is not the greatest. Have u tryed to see if Sli is a problem? I have a crossfire setup (2x 7970's) and every time I loaded up the game the screen would just go black and the whole system froze, I just took out one of my 7970 and just like that the next time I started up metro the game loaded up like a charm.
  2. Bombsahoy

    SAPPHIRE 7970

    Wait for 9000 series, but if u need it now get the 3gb edition and the non GHz edition unless the GHz edition it is some how cheaper.
  3. Bombsahoy

    Mars II

    Not worth it anymore you should just get 2x 580's for cheaper. I have see some o ebay though and all of them are priced over the $1500 mark, so its cheaper to Get gtx titan, or 690 also.
  4. Bombsahoy

    What language should I learn?

    Being a computer programmer, I started off with Python which I found was not the hardest to learn and widely known, a perfect combo. I usually recommend starters to try python out first, but if you like to be a game programmer you should learn c++ since most games are coded in of use that kind of code, if you don't mind challenging yourself you should try try out java. Oh, another one might be c# which is easy.
  5. Bombsahoy

    Is 4GB VRAM enough for 4K gaming?

    I agree with you in every way possible.
  6. Bombsahoy

    Is 4GB VRAM enough for 4K gaming?

    Here is my final answer to this whole topic "is 4gb of vram be enough for 4k gaming" 4gb of vram should be enough for most games, right now, but I see in the future that it will start to be too little or will have disadvantages for new games that will be more graphically demanding in the future. Also is though you could run your games at the 4k resloution , you would most likely not get to max them out due to the power needed to run at these resolutions. I think most of us can agree with this because though we might have the large amounts of vram at a touch without the power needed to draw the images to the screen at that resolution we will not be able to play without more power from multiple GPU working in crossfire of sli or at least turning down the setting.
  7. Bombsahoy

    Is 4GB VRAM enough for 4K gaming?

    I don't get u dude? In that comment u make it seem like I some how support consoles... Get ur facts strait PC FTW!
  8. Bombsahoy

    Is 4GB VRAM enough for 4K gaming?

    agreed let's go Bf4 720p
  9. Bombsahoy

    Is 4GB VRAM enough for 4K gaming?

    Ya I wana see MINECRAFT IN 4K.... Ah? :D That would be the most stupid joke ever.......
  10. Bombsahoy

    Is 4GB VRAM enough for 4K gaming?

    That is true for the PC gamers that rock decently good, custom pc's, but not for some time to the mainstream, casual get my PC for gaming at best buy kind of PC gamer though Ah?
  11. Bombsahoy

    Is 4GB VRAM enough for 4K gaming?

    I did not say the gtx 780 is the top of the line gpu I said it "is a" top if the line Gpu as in one of the high end GPU you can get for the money.
  12. Bombsahoy


    It might not be his system at all recently when I am playing battlefield 3 I get a little lag spike that lasts about 10 sec and comes and goes every 2 or so minutes, I know quite a few people that I know that are also experiencing this problem, you should try waiting a little until a patch roles out before debating what the problem really is. Also I have heard that the 700 series is not optimized properly for bf3 for some reason so see if any patches come out for that also. BTW. My system is a Intel core i5 4670k @ 4.2 ghz , 16 GB memory @ 1600mhz , HD 7970 matrix platinum from Asus in crossfire , and the game is installed on a 128 GB Samsung 840 pro
  13. Bombsahoy

    Is 4GB VRAM enough for 4K gaming?

    See this video it proves that a gtx 780 can not max out splinter cell : blacklist and the gtx 780 is a to of the line gpu. http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=g-high-rec&v=hih4ps1a-0A
  14. Bombsahoy

    Is 4GB VRAM enough for 4K gaming?

    As you can see 4gb of vram like this guy said is the bare limit of a little under the limit nowadays (remember 4k is the future, you have to keep that in mind.
  15. Bombsahoy

    Is 4GB VRAM enough for 4K gaming?

    I'm just saying 4k is the future not today's tech so in the future 4gb will replace 2 GB as the minimum limit or vram in a graphics card, the future it 6,8,12 GB of vram ( you know that because each new graphics card pushes that limit higher and higher so one day when 4k is mainstream in pricing 4 GB will be the minimum amount of vram in a graphics card and game devs will always ouch for more and more. Remember 4k is a long way to go we are still at 1920x1080, we still need to pass 2560x1440 as a mainstream resolution and then there is stuff a little higher than that by the time we get to 4k standards ( min.8 more years ) the minimum amounts of vram will be Mich higher and also be more powerful. (Nvidia Volta expected 2016 before 4k becomes main stream will be almost 3x more powerful that gtx 680 and have significant more vram.
  16. I don't disable adblock on any websites, though adblock does not seen to disable as many ads any more.
  17. Bombsahoy

    New member with a question

    Nice rig though the 1200 watt power supply is a waste and is over kill get something like a 750- 850 watt power supply. Also get 8 -16 GB of ram instead of 32 GB , and lastly ur choice but y no mechanical keyboard?
  18. Bombsahoy

    Game Difficulty that you play on?

    I usually play on normal to keep things simple but when I play a scooter it is always on hard or in call of duty's case veteran.
  19. Clean, and nice rig you got there. Nice job dude.
  20. Bombsahoy

    EUPHORIA (CM HAF X - Black&Blue)

    Beast looking rig you got going on there. (BTW. Like that blue colour.)
  21. #1 A Alienware on ebay for around $2200 :lol: - Intel core i7 970 - Nvidia gefore gtx 570 - 12 Gb ram @ 1333mhz - 1 tb hard drive @ 7200 rpm (about 4 months ago) #2 Intel core 2 quad extreme for $2000 (around 2 months ago)
  22. Bombsahoy

    Which GPU is better

    Nvidia geforce gtx 590 will be a little bit faster and more powerful, but at the sacrifice of using more power and generating more heat.
  23. Bombsahoy

    Best Free AV

    I use bitdefender right now but I have used avast and it seen to get the job done everytime.
  24. Bombsahoy

    HAF Stacker Unveiling

    Look useful for some build but they a look super ugly. I'll just stick with my define r4 for now
  25. Bombsahoy

    Cherry MX keys

    I am pretty sure that cherry MX Black's make the least noise then come the browns.