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    Titans are OP in SupCom.
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  1. Only problem with that is that it kinda becomes unpronounciable. ODSKNI kinda sounds dumb. Thanks for the tip though.
  2. Recently I have had a lot of trouble coming up with good names. I have never been happy with any of them and always changed after a short time. I tried searching up fancy english words, most exotic nicknames, twisting norwegian ones and so on. Names I have had so far include Opalescent, Delirium, IVIuted (IVI = M), Menschling, Titanicium. So the point of the post, could anyone help me come up with a tag? I would like it to be short (not more than 8 letters/numbers/symbols) and be something that isn't a word. So not Cyclone, Big, Hard, Tornade, FoxHunter. Games it will be used for is Dota 2,
  3. Depending on the method you use to import the knife it may or may not be stopped while importing it. It's only 20 USD though, something that is quite a small amount when it comes to norwegian prices, so go ahead and try if you really want it.
  4. It's not really 25 USD. If you do the math and only buy 9300 RP bundles (Because they will pay off in the end if you buy skins like this) you will see that it's 19.99 USD. Still a lot, but quite a difference. And on release when it is 1950 Riot Points it will be 11.95 USD. In any case: I bought Spirit Guard Udyr (albeit not for myself as I don't play him) a while ago and I wouldn't hesitate to buy this skin when it comes out. Reason being that I plain like how they look and don't find it wrong that you should pay for something that someone has spent a lot of time designing (and in this cas
  5. 1) If you have "push to talk" enabled: Press K while you are talking. 2) If you don't: Speak louder. 3) If none of these works there is some problem with your microphone settings for CS:GO so go through the audio menus in-game and in windows.
  6. Sure what the heck, add Titanicium Btw: You forgot to say which server you are on I'm on EUNE.
  7. It's the video regarding Steam in home streaming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIL71Q6eJ2Y&spfreload=10
  8. MOBA: Q,W,E,R,D,F is the most common. RTS: Mouse is the most used tool. MMO: A lot of buttons since you need quite a lot of hotkeys Not really worth making a mode for in my opinion as you would end up illuminating most of the keyboard anyway. RPG: Pretty much the same as FPSs. Disclaimer: These are for the games I have played in those genres so if there is some RPGs which require you to mash every single key on the keyboard I am sorry
  9. Because it's too swag. If you buy one you will be MlgPro#Blazeit469OPshit4Real in every single game. It's too stronk to handle.
  10. I kinda doubt it since this can't even power a normal vacuum cleaner, but for a PC it's absolute beast
  11. I can only speak for myself I guess, but that is at least not the reasons for why I don't like it without mods. I hate it unmodded since it's a glitchy hell full of boring gameplay, unbalanced perks and uninteresting mechanics. Oh and regarding multiplayer: We have an Elder Scrolls: Multiplayer and practically no one plays it
  12. These days Skyrim is really just worth it if you run tons of mods and for the modding experience (there are far better games out there if you play it unmodded). I myself have actually spent the last few weeks modding Skyrim and I can tell you that it have been fun, so if you enjoy tinkering then by all means, go for it!
  13. Wow. That is actually more laggy/chuggy/freezy than my Skyrim game with 87 graphical mods... And that gives me a headache from playing it. Well played Ubi, well played
  14. The elitism is in this thread makes chuckle. It's kinda more painful than reading the "Experiences with non-techies" thread. Personally I liked my G105 and never had a problem with it. Moved to a blue mech and had it RMA-ed two times in a month. Oh why did I give away my G105... On the other hand: I kinda think it looks neat so all power to the people buying it
  15. Altus Life is a bit more like an RPG than head butting between too enemies