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  1. omfg why do people judge other people so much? so what if they want the inferior console? i dont see anything wrong with that. let people buy what they want.
  2. Go to a doctor or psychologists or something. Or ask help on MedHelp forums.
  3. Woa woa is it just me or is there some from of spamming here iwth all the "i dont know what to do with my life" topics?
  4. But pls do get Dishonored. It's a must play game.
  5. Never heard of that game.
  6. And out of those 3 if you would HAVE TO choose only 1? Tough choice, hmm?
  7. Meh I got bored of it a lot
  8. Ok so let's say one day out of nowhere a curse would be cast upon you. Out of all the games you own(digital or disc) you can keep only and play only one. BOOM! The others will be destroyed. You cannot buy another game in your life, ever. You cannot accept a game from your friend or take his gaming system. You are doomed to play only that one game that you chose to keep. Which game would it be?
  9. Ok so I don't know if you watch VGHS(if u dont then i dont know what u r doing with ur life as a gamer lol) but in there they use which is what I believe either the Razer Nostromo or Orbweaver(one of the 2 wireless gaming keypad or whatever it is) and Razer Mambas. So this means basically a completely wireless m/kb setup with little space taken up. Honestly this could work pretty well for games that dont use many keys and mainly use WASD(shooters), no?
  10. Yea I understand. But then again the mods could alwyas just delete the forums if it were to be too many, no?