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  1. Actually-- after watching a few reviews for these i think i'm gonna see if i can get them. they're really nice and check every box i have. Thanks so much for the recommendation.
  2. Well i have to admit those do look really cool! a little outside my price range, but i'll definitely keep them in mind.
  3. Samsung galaxy s7 edge so Android -- it has NFC, Bluetooth, etc.
  4. As you can see form the attached image, my family caught wind that my current gaming headset was breaking down, so I got a little voucher for one pair of headphones! the price range seems to be 100-150 (which i can supplement with some extra christmas money as need be) I've been using a pair of Razer Man'O War headphones for the last couple years and i LOVE THEM TO DEATH, however i really would like something i could connect to my phone for audio books or music while traveling. Currently my frontrunner is : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MSZSL4I/ref=twister_B0
  5. alright; this is looking pretty great to me http://pcpartpicker.com/list/cjvXHN thoughts?
  6. what would you say to even ditching both of those drives for a single 850 EVO 500GB that's cheaper than the two?
  7. Could you take my original build and edit out those mistakes? i can't seem to find those options. now that i look at it I think you're right that those are way too expensive for no reason
  8. why would you say the i7 is better then the i5 in this build? as far as i know in college he was a CAD guy, not a video editing one, so i don't think 4 more threads for a hundred more dollars is worth it
  9. Ah yes-- at the end of the post, I said I was giving him my H100i as a surprise.
  10. and then i suppose for a cheap upgrade down the line-- say 2 years from now-- a second 1070 could be picked up to drastically extend the life of the pc at relatively minimal cost? i mean dual 660Ti's (IMO the best cards i ever bought) are still chewing through games no problem, and that strategy worked great for me.
  11. So my cousin wants a gaming PC because he's transitioning from LoL to Overwatch and wants to pick up some more serious titles. about a year ago i was on top of my PC-building game, but since then i haven't really looked into anyhting. the budget is a preferably only a little over a thousand dollars and must not exceed 1500. he already has most of the other equipment, and while his monitors, mice, keyboards and other accouterments i'm proud of this build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/mhcVjX but i need to know what to upgrade, but i'
  12. Seems like a strange question to ask here, but i just got the New Razer Blade, and i need a new carrying case. the blade is a large 14" setup so i think anything fitted for 15.6 will work. I will be carrying around a notebook or two, the Blade, and a lot of smaller items like earbuds, pens, a calculator, battery pack, etc right now I'm looking at https://www.amazon.com/Targus-Meridian-Toploading-Laptop-TST031US/dp/B001CLYOJ4 this messenger bag I prefer the style, and the large number of front organization pouches, but it might be a bit bulky for
  13. Case and point: I love gaming and I will be taking many 3d modeling and CAD classes, So i need a laptop with good in-built graphics (no razer blade +core) And it needs to be portable (I can;t use the 4Kg G750 I have) but i do prefer a 17" screen Price isn't very important. (between 1000USD and 2000USD but i could go higher) I was really looking at the razer blade pro because it hit all these points, but it seems like a new model hasn't come out, so i am looking at an alternative. thank you guys so much for your help and su
  14. those are all good points, and i appreciate you input.. i was just trying to see if there was a new model before i wrote it off for exactly that reason. i mean for 3000 USD i would buy a blade pro with a 10XXm and a core with a GTX 1080 alongside it, since the quad core processor could really leverage it. and yeah that switchblade UI is actually quite nice.
  15. Heh-- as fun as that would be, i really need the graphics horsepower of something like the pro and the portability, given my different, computer-intensive classes