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  1. Frode

    Oneplus 7 pro or Samsung s10?

    The camera is not the most important feature when it comes to a phone. Aslong as the photos aren't shit im happy. As for the galaxy buds I have to say that I really like them, but just because I have a samsung phone, the experience have not been flawless. Audio cutting out has been an issue for me. But the experience IS really neat so I really like them, but not having them is not something that would destroy the world for me.
  2. Frode

    Oneplus 7 pro or Samsung s10?

    I believe that some stores will have a demo version of the 7 pro on the day of release will go ahead and try it. I did try the oneplus 6T and i liked many parts of it but there were some key areas that I would have liked to have. A better screen, dual speakers and so on. I feel that they have now ticked many of the boxes that i would like. And I liked the oxygen OS when I tried it our, but I also like oneUi when I have started to use it now.
  3. So I would want to ask you guys for your opinion about what phone I should go for. The oneplus 7 pro or the regular samsung s10? I actually currently have the s10 but have the option to return it for a full refund. I preorderd it awell so I have the galaxy buds aswell. But dont mind that, I would just like to hear your opinion on what I should go for? I like the s10, the screen, cameras, design, software etc. But having seen the 7 pros bigger and better screen with 90 Hz refresh rate AND... No punch hole, just caught my interest. And the fact that it is cheaper is a bonus. But the s10 feels more complete and so on then the oneplus 7 pro, which is why im asking for your opinion. (I know my english is not the best atm, got alot going on) Thanks in advance
  4. So My phone dosent group notifications anymore, what do i do? I have a Samsung s10 and in new to android. It grouped my notifications in the begining, but has stopped now
  5. Frode

    Gtx 1070 G1 gaming strange fan noise

    Did as you asked, did not feel like anything was wrong with them, The all three fans did feel the same
  6. Hi, I have a GTX 1070 G1 Gaming (Rev 1.0), which im at the moment have some problems with. At idling fan speed im experiencing a starnge fan noise when the fans is spinning up like 5-10% and then goes back to 0%. Found this video on youtube where the guy have the exact problem as me. It sounds like some scrapping noise but I dont really know if it is a electrical or something else. So I would like to ask if anybody know what the issue could be with my card. Have been in contact with Gigabyte and their response was almost rude, not even answering my questions. Thanks in advance!
  7. Coinbase have no support for easy payment to your bank account without being to much of a hazzle, not paypal either which I really would have wished because it is so easy to use. Still thanks for the suggestion guys :). What I learned after searching the web is that BitPay and Coinbase apperently are not supported with each other, or that Bitpay has changed their service a little. So what I ended up doing was that I made a Bitpay waller and sent my bitcoin there to then make the payment. BitPay went really well and I have now done my purchase.
  8. Hi everyone! Im trying to buy some games on the site Kinguin. There is a option to pay with Bitcoin via BitPay. I have my BTC stored on Coinbase and I want to spend them right at the moment. BUT... I have ran into problems with both Coinbase and Bitpay and I dont know why I cant procedd with the payment. In the coinbase app, I can enter the proper ammount,but I cant scan the qr code properly. The app just gives my a slap in the face and procceds to not do anything when I try to pay. Anyone outthere that knows how to pay with Coinbase?
  9. Frode

    Cool new pubg tourney I found

    What is your name?
  10. Any you can reccomend outside of Coinbase?
  11. I will keep that in mind. I have like 10 dollars in coinbase is there a another way I can trade it out like to a another wallet?
  12. When I withdraw money from coinbase should there be a button or something in the coinbase website?
  13. Thanks I will look at the alterantive with Gdax
  14. Hi everyone. I'm facing a problem where I don't know how to withdraw my money from nicehash after I have mined. I can withdraw to CoinBase, but the problem is that I cant withdraw money from coinbase since I live in Europe and there is no support for paypal and my bank is saying no to verify my card. So for the future im wondering if there is a way that I can get my cryptocurrency from nicehash and put them directly in paypal or indirectly going with a sepparate Bitcoin Wallet. Anyone that knows a solution to my problem?
  15. Hi anyone know if there is a different style of earcups for the sony mdr-1000x. The original earcups do heatup A little bit and I wonder if there are something out there simnilar to the ones on the Bose QC35? Any other suggestions are also welcome.