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    Frode reacted to Bombastinator in Logitech Gaming software not detecting my G513 Carbon mechanical keyboard   
    I also am often sickened by lots of ripple rgb. (Heh.  That was an old person joke)
    if the keyboard is newer than the software release it may not register the keyboard.  Is your version the newest?
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    Frode got a reaction from TechyBen in Oneplus 7 pro or Samsung s10?   
    The camera is not the most important feature when it comes to a phone. Aslong as the photos aren't shit im happy. As for the galaxy buds I have to say that I really like them, but just because I have a samsung phone, the experience have not been flawless. Audio cutting out has been an issue for me. But the experience IS really neat so I really like them, but not having them is not something that would destroy the world for me.
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    Frode got a reaction from TechyBen in Oneplus 7 pro or Samsung s10?   
    I believe that some stores will have a demo version of the 7 pro on the day of release will go ahead and try it. I did try the oneplus 6T and i liked many parts of it but there were some key areas that I would have liked to have. A better screen, dual speakers and so on. I feel that they have now ticked many of the boxes that i would like. And I liked the oxygen OS when I tried it our, but I also like oneUi when I have started to use it now.
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    Frode reacted to Darkseth in Oneplus 7 pro or Samsung s10?   
    - Samsung comes with Exynos. Last 1-2 years, and this year, the Snapdragon variant is better than the Snapdragon (2016 it was vice versa, on the Galaxy S7 generation). So, Snapdragon 855 is better and more efficient.
    - Battery Life on the Oneplus 7 Pro is at least as good as the S10+ (S10 is worse) --> Check Youtube, Nitpicker. He also can not explain how MKBHD only gets 4.5 hours
    - Screen is superior on the Oneplus. Resolution and colors seem to be not worse than Samsung's S10 series. But 90 Hz > 60 Hz big time. And if you want more battery savings, you can change it to 60 Hz in settings anytime.
    - Stereo speakers finally
    - Best camera Oneplus ever had. It still needs the one of other Update to tweak it. But it has alot of potential.
    - S10 Series IS "more complete". The stereo speakers should still be a tad better, it has official IP 68 rating, it has Qi Charging, and more Software features.
    But Software could also be an Argument for Oneplus: Oxygen is the better Stock android. It is basicly stock, with useless features and additions
    - Nebula Blue is one of the nicest colors i've ever seen.
    I think, i personally would go with Oneplus.
    Which doesn't mean, Samsung Galaxy S10 isn't one of the best smartphones on the market.
    But yea. Depends on your taste.
    But you can be sure, it will NOT feel like a Downgrade at all. If at all, Performance will be a step up (mostly thanks to 90 Hz looking way smoother. I can see it on my 120 Hz iPad Pro. This gives you the feel of much more smoothness)
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    Frode reacted to MariaA in Any way to withdraw BTC from nicehash to paypal?   
    The IRS can't demand taxes from people living in Sweden. 
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    Frode got a reaction from Impulse // Sam in Wireless Headphone Options   
    Ive had both of them, the sony are far superior when it comes to the noise cancelling and all of that, so I would consider thoose rather then the pxc 550. If the warranty is your concern I would say, just as long you don´t treat eaither off them like shit, they wont break. Thats the deal with any headphone.
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    Frode reacted to TVwazhere in Paul's Hardware Puts USB3.1 Gen2 In an Define R5, and it looks awesome!   
    None of those fake USB3.1 Gen 1 connectors you see on lian li, in-win or Mastercase 5T, this here is the real deal
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    Frode got a reaction from BluntestTech in is there any good bluetooth headphones ?   
    Yeah the price in sweden is lower than 200 euros for the 4.50. It was a 50 % discount on the XB950N1 so they were cheaper compared to other alternatives. Probably gonna return them tough, the area really big headphone and there ANC is not impressing. As stated the 4.40 and the 4.50 should be the same in the audio, departement, so give them a try. When i tested my pairof 4.50s they did not have the strongest ANC.
    Since Sennheiser is a little more premium company than Sony (atleast in my opinion), warranty and service should be much more forgiving to issues and more helpful than Sony, since they have a much more products to take care off. 
    But give the Sennheisers a try.
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    Frode reacted to MaxBeast4Z in Ryzen 3 + B350M Mortar Arctic   
    I was able to get everything working couple memory issues but it was difficult to solve you had to move the memory around. The board wasn't really the best the boot time is not the best because of the diagnostic LEDs it takes around 30 to 50 seconds to boot.
    Let me tell you something though the CPU choice is excellent I just tested the Ryzen 3 1300X and it's amazing for how low price it is for what performance you can get I combined it with an RX 480 and I can stream I can play a lot of games at high resolution you did a very good choice to buy this CPU 8 gigs of RAM you should be totally fine with that and when you get the money go ahead and upgrade the video card.
    I even have a livestream running the hardware https://www.twitch.tv/testbenchpc
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    Frode reacted to MaxBeast4Z in Ryzen 3 + B350M Mortar Arctic   
    Well it depends I can do low to mid-range it depends how much it costs on mid-range I cannot do high-end.
    I'm actually looking into reviewing Hardware soon.
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    Frode reacted to Prysin in Being nice to people feels guud man...   
    So i recently bought a cheap 1080, was on "fire" sale. Got myself a Palit Jetstream.... nice card, quiet, fast and the deal was just TOO GOOD to be passed... was a open box card, was returned because customer bought the wrong version (dumdum)... so i got it for 460$, you just can't pass that up.
    BUT, i got a 295x2, so i just HAD to see how big a difference it would make... and well, i am disappoint, note, my 295x2 IS running OC'd, but i don't find that "unfair" as the 1080 got GPU boost 3.0, which is basically just auto overclock anyway.... My 1080 got to 1880 MHz on GPU boost 3.0 (according to MSI afterburner), which i consider a pretty decent speed. BUT, like i said, i was disappointed... kinda wasted 460$, BUT, it shall not go to waste. My friend @Dackzy has recently had issues with his GPU, so i decided to give him my 1080 so he could continue playing games with me. He was thrilled to finally be able to upgrade his HD 7950 "Double Dissipation"....
    But why, WHY would you do that you ask?
    Because i am usually an ass, and i have recently taken up a book in self help when it comes to building relationships and making friends. being an ass doesn't help when trying to make friends. Giving them a 1080 does!!!! And you know what? it feels guuuud man!!! feels so guud!!

    BUT, i know people are going to call BS, so here is the images. Proof that i got it and that i installed it!!!
    Before install
    After install
    Also, here is some quick benches i did...
    R9 295x2 = Graphics score: 25 136
    GTX 1080 = Graphics score: 22 546
    Tomb Raider 2013
    GTX 1080
    R9 295x2
    Rise of the Tomb Raider
    GTX 1080
    R9 295x2
    Ashes of the Singularity (DX 11 only) (295x2 scores 21 FPS higher on average under DX 12....)
    GTX 1080
    R9 295x2
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    Frode reacted to Brooksie359 in When is the RX vega reviews coming.   
    Well now you know. Rx vega will be released on August 14th.
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    Frode reacted to Mira Yurizaki in When is the RX vega reviews coming.   
    The general answer to this question is reviews of computer hardware generally don't get released until the hardware's release date.
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    Frode reacted to Goildzy in 7700k maxes out in games. No Ryzen does! WTF bottleneck?! %'s explained   
    I was hopping around on youtube and replied on alot of em (im such a girl sometimes). There is alot of mistaking by people who think Ryzen bottle necks for example the 1080ti. Ryzen is at 25% cpu usage where 7700k is at 60%. Ryzen has more headroom and 7700k will fail in the future is what i hear or the other way around....people lost it!

    Aimed pure gaming wise this is not really the truth. I copied a reply from my Youtube to here just cause I had some nerdgasms coming up.
    So first here are some shout outs by ppl commenting on a youtube video:
    They're saying the 7700k will bottleneck sooner, as when the 7700k hits 100% the AMD CPU will be at 75%-85%, not sure if that is a factor to consider yet though as i'm not sure when we will be seeing a 7700k hit 100% and i don't think it will be very soon but its still a valid point nonetheless and one that should be talked about.
    jesus those cpu usage numbers are not a good sign for the intel longevity even if it is slightly faster.
    the AMD chip is always 15 to 25% lower usage on average it indicates that the intel chip will probably it cpu bottleneck first.
    compared to ryzen 25%, it will botteneck much sooner.
    But ryzen is basicly bottlenecking already because it's get lower fps with same graphics card compared to 7700k
    7700k will bottleneck sooner? Ryzen is already bottleneck compared to 7700k.
    (I laughed my ass off on this one)
    7700k is bottleneck. let me explain it in analog way. suppose you have only one hand and can please 2 girls with a hand because you are quick and Joe also can but not as fast as you and the difference is he has 2 hands... and the rule is 2 girls by hand, but when there are 4 girls....... Joe can please them and you can´t.
    Ryzen runs the games at 25-30% CPU load, while performing on par with the higher clocked 7700K. Truly impressive.
    Anyway after alot more of these I decided to finally reply (edited a little):

    It is only cause of the 2x 4 cored (glued) chips that percentages show this way. So if there is no game optimisation for more than 4 threads, than when 7700k is 100% the ryzen will be 50% (example) but keep in mind the other 50% of Ryzens cpu will not be used at all for that game. And instead it will be used just for other things like your OS and CO. . Therefor the ryzen will be equally (even faster, due of lower clock speed) maxed out in such terms. Ryzen is not bottlenecking like people think but just slightly lower clocked +/- 1ghz to the 7700k. Either way, if you look at it Ryzen has alot of head room (other 8 threads) to let anything out of the game not interfere within the cores that the game is spinning on, and so it will use 4 cores for that work (8threads) which prevents hickups that the 7700k would surely have when using more programs. Cause 8 threads still doesnt make 8 cores but it keeps at 4 physical. So in the end you could say 7700k is getting old, strong but old. 8 cores can simply handle more pressure overall than 4 physicals.
    This is the reason why I LMAO on the Analog Explanation about the 2-4 girls. On which i replied that what if those other girls were 2 man, than it would be about developping and the coding of the game (in his term 2 man, UHM girls, uhm whatever)
    Thanks for the moment of time
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    Frode got a reaction from GirvanaWantsBinnieBalls in Which gtx 1070 ?   
    I would go for the Asus one. In my opinion it looks better, has better lightning (RGB as you stated). They are both pretty similar in performance thoe.
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    Frode reacted to HKZeroFive in Which gtx 1070 ?   
    Between the two, the STRIX is a no-brainer.
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    Frode reacted to Princess Luna in Have I been fooled really bad or is G-assist real   
    I will order a custom nVidia TITAN Xp 3.0 pen drive with 128gb for bragging rights.
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    Frode reacted to zzzzzzzhhh in Help with new custom pc build!   
    My attempt: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/3Pp8gL
    Honestly, I have no room for a mouse and keyboard that fits the build so I went with cheaper options, which are still pretty good imo.
    The GTX 1080 Ti should supply you with 100+fps at 1440p and is all-round an amazing build.
    P.S: Just get unactivated windows, hardly any difference from activated windows, and if you do want it that badly, there are programs out there that can activate it within seconds, which I won't comment on any further for obvious reasons.
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    Frode got a reaction from Sags224 in What happens if it doesn't get funded?   
    Well, is´nt everything easier with a machine doing it. In sweden there are a couple of services that can charge a couple dollar, And they cut your exact measurements. Maybe there is a store like that near you?
    Also, a hammer always work, right. That´s how I got an A in woodwork in school. 
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    Frode got a reaction from Zando Bob in Rx 580 CF vs. GTX 1080   
    Just wait for the RX vega Cards. They are right around the corner. Like two- four weeks away.
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    Frode reacted to ApolloFury in Steam Summer Sale!   
    On the very last day all games will be on its best discounted price (so if it was pre-flash 40% and flash 60%, then on the last day it will be 60%), so it's pointless and just making people wait for no reason.
    EDIT:  AshleyAshes beat me to it.
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    Frode reacted to AshleyAshes in Steam Summer Sale!   
    But you wouldn't miss it.  In the last 24hrs of the sales, flash sales would end and anything that was on sale for the whole duration of the sale would still be on sale.  So you always had the last day opportunity to get the games as they were 'normally' on sale.
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    Frode reacted to Jito463 in Let's discuss X299 & Intel. Are they losing their minds?   
    This is me, watching the whole Intel/AMD fight going on.

    There's no doubt Intel was caught with their pants down by AMD.  The next year is going to be entertaining.
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    Frode reacted to lw88 in Razer...   
    Quality control, product design, software implementation, firmware design and updating, customer service, marketing. Basically everything.
    I have a deathadder that killed my usb port because it pulled the guts of it out when I pulled the mouse cable out. It's also the only mouse out of the dozen I own that doesn't remember settings when you uninstall the software, and also the only one that has software you have to log in to in order to use.
    Their twin laser sensor mice have known Z axis tracking issues that razer years later refuses to acknowledge exist despite copious evidence.
    The abyssus v1 didn't work. It had horrible jitter. Razer denied this, then released a v2 "fix" that didn't fix anything and refused to acknowledge that it had the same problem they released it in order to fix in the first version.
    Their keyboards break really quickly. Especially the volume controls and media keys.
    Their headsets break really quickly. Especially the faux surround ones that sound like tinned catfights to start with.
    Updating the firmware on your deathadder used to turn it into a 100g brick.
    Their laser mice have a habit of bricking after a day of use. Especially the lachesis when it was around.
    Their customer service refuses to acknowledge well documented problems with any of their products, insisting that commonplace issues are single cases caused by the end user.
    What's wrong with razer? The list of things they do right is smaller than the issues from one of their over priced pieces of trash.
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    Frode got a reaction from Fulachs in 1080/1080 Ti or wait for the new generation   
    I would reccomend waiting for AMDs Vega architecture. Not just because new architechture, but i could also bring the prices lower if it is priced well against Nvidias current cards.