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  1. @Tiber1337 Hmmm, pretty much what everyone said is wrong. Firstly, Alienware eGPU implementation is great. It's a direct 4x lane without any TB3 conversion loss. If you look at benchmarks comparing 16x vs 4x the difference is like 5%. So whatever. TB3 does incur higher losses depending on how you run it. Interestingly, ULV CPUs work better with eGPUs up to a certain point due to OPI. Note. Up to a certain extent. If you take a look at benchmarks on Firestrike from someone using a ULV CPU+xGPU and a 6 core 45W CPU+xGPU, the ULV setup's GPU score is generally higher. (source: ultrabookreview). However, if you're planning to add a 2080 then you'll need the 6 core 45w CPU to scale even if you incur higher losses, it's worth it once you hit a high enough GPU power threshold. I run my XPS13 (2018 white) with an Aorus 1080 box and I get around 1070 to 1070ti desktop levels. Note my setup is very optimized, highly overclocked and lots of aftermarket modding went into it. A stock setup is around 1070max-q with a 1080 box. Hence you can assume a tier downgrade from whathever GPU you're running using TB3 (2080ti will run like a 2080/1080ti) and no downgrade using Alienware's eGPU setup. ^ those are the facts. Now for my opinion. Why the fuck are you using a 17in laptop for eGPU? The point of eGPU was to have a thin and light notebook do it no? But ultimately up to you. If you really really want to run the best eGPU setup, Alienware is the best implementation on the market. BUT all Alienware's are heavy as fuck. I lugged one around for 2 years and while I was fine, when I went to my XPS13 it was a completely different experience. Should probably get a thin and light ish laptop with a 6 core CPU + eGPU
  2. i mean getting the PC setup from scratch (ordering, getting the mail, opening boxes, windows installation) takes 3 hours for highly experienced builders. Granted majority of this is software, you're essentially buying 3 hours of time for 1000 dollars. For some people its worth it.
  3. Your confusing gaming with heavy/stress load. During gaming your CPU will rarely get pushed hard so it stays at 3.9ghz most of the time. I have an ULV + eGPU setup and my CPU clock stays locked in at 3.9ghz alot of the time (tune your settings to hit GPU 95%+ utilization).
  4. Pendragon

    Dell XPS 15 ''Market Research''

    Yea, the XPS 15 has some of the most backwards cooling design in modern date. http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/cpu-gpu-temperatures-benchmarks-xps-15-9560-kaby-lake.802345/ Look at the amount of mods required to fix it. i9 is really fucked on this platform.
  5. Pendragon

    Quadro workstation laptop

    8850H will not perform better in extended full workloads. The 45w limit doesn't allow these new 6 core chips to turbo to max forever. So the performance is really the same. The 150 difference is really paying in the difference in chassis. I wonder if Lenovo has online chat support. You can always knock them down a few more dollars that way.
  6. Pendragon

    PSA: Liquid Metal Lowers Performance

    I figured out the most asinine solution. Took off the LM. Found the LM already eaten into the copper so I lapped the shit out of the heatsink with the highest fucking grit forever. Put on Gelid GC Extreme (I'm not a Kyronaut fan, it has dried out on me on ultrabooks due to low mounting pressure). Put on some Arctic Pads all across the heatpipes and attached it to the chassis. Solved. Chassis doesn't get too hot even in regular intense workloads without eGPU. Chassis gets cooled by fan during eGPU loads. This way the CPU never hits 100c because I directed the thermal pads to another sensor to trigger the fans.
  7. Pendragon

    I want to buy a laptop

    Made this in like 2 seconds from a boutique more expensive custom aftermarket shop. I'm sure there are random MSIs or whatever that would have it cheaper.
  8. Pendragon

    I want to buy a laptop

    uhhhh completely wrong. the ones you recommended are only the thin and light 1070s. there are plenty of normal sized 1070 laptops for below 2000 euros. @ZM Fong I haven't kept up, idk what normal 1070 laptops look like.
  9. Pendragon

    PSA: Liquid Metal Lowers Performance

    Indeed. I wonder if I can break into the bios and adjust fan profile. Yea, my 1080 is like something like 35% bottlenecked at 1080p. At idle it runs a solid 10c lower. Keep in mind it's passive cooling when idle and on stock it was 51-52c ish. Now its 40. Can't believe its worse when stressed. Also to add more shit to this XPS, the wifi card is a soldered piece of shit killer card. UGH. killer cards give me anxiety. always crashing.
  10. Pendragon

    PSA: Liquid Metal Lowers Performance

    SO cheap. I picked up both of these things after selling my Alienware. Got the XPS 13 4k 512gb 16gb for 1800cad and the aorus 1080 box for 600cad. both of them second hand. people have no idea wtf they are selling.
  11. Pendragon

    PSA: Liquid Metal Lowers Performance

    I mean thermally its fine after LM. Its just the fan profiles are completely fucking me right now. I think you have to go below 80c for this to happen after you hit 100c, and it wouldn't happen in the past with stock paste.
  12. Pendragon

    PSA: Liquid Metal Lowers Performance

    I wish I could adjust fan profiles, but these things are built into the goddam bios. And it does lower performance. In the past it would run at 3.6-3.7ghz sustained on Witcher 3, but because its allowed to hit TJ Max it causes these massive drops in performance. Goes from 800mhz to 3.9ghz and makes games unplayable as fuck.
  13. So. There are indeed cases where a perfect application of liquid metal can LOWER your performance. An example is my current setup. XPS 13 9370 + Aorus 1080. What happens on my stock is that as soon as I open a game, the fans don't turn on until 100c. And then they stay on forever. Because the heatsink can't deal with the amount of heat so it stays on. What happens now on LM is that fans don't turn on until 100c, but after running for a while it drops low enough for the fans and the system to be like "Oh, its fine now, let me turn off the fans??????????????". So here I am, taking OFF my LM and getting my stick of Gelid to see wtf is going on.
  14. Pendragon

    Hauwei Matebook X Pro

    Really really really depends on the use. If you're just going to use that port as like a supped up HDMI output, know that it can only run it at half the rated spec. Not sure what TB3 can run it at, totally forgot but i think if it was 4k 120hz or 60hz, half the lanes would drive it at half spec. not entirely sure. If I didnt have to use a eGPU, i would definitely use the Huawei. The 3:2 slim bezels are pretty fucking amazing.