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  1. Most likely the right fan is broken and needs replacing.
  2. If you already repasted twice and still have the same issue, it's probably your heatsink. Also had the same problem with Y530, but the temp difference is not as high as yours (mine is around 10c). And same like you, core 1 and core 3 are hotter than 2 and 4.
  3. It will, just mind the temps. The 970 Evo Plus runs very hot, I wouldn't put it in a laptop as it will heat up the palmrest uncomfortably.
  4. Wrong SSD. It is SATA M.2, it won't fit. What you should be looking for is an NVMe. Like the Adata SX8200 Pro.
  5. Undervolt with Throttlestop. And try another thermal paste like Kryonaut.
  6. Just look at the cooling. Only one fan (when literally every other gaming laptop in the market has two). No wonder it is thermal throttling/overheating. You can try undervolting and repasting, but I doubt it will do much, since the root cause of the issue is the terrible cooling system.
  7. It shouldn't thermal throttle at 85c. 85c is still far away from the highest safe temp of 100c Intel specifies. Install Throttlestop and remove the 85c limit.
  8. That's the main thing that's putting me off from buying it. Lenovo's trying to make more money, so they force people to buy their overpriced soldered RAM, while also adding planned obsolescence at the same time. People buy Thinkpads because they want a reliable, durable machine that lasts. If I wanted a crappy throwaway disposable laptop, I'd get a damn Macbook.
  9. Don't get the XPS. If you're gonna get a laptop with soldered SSD might as well buy a Macbook.
  10. You're using it wrong. You should only be using it for Facebook, like 99% of Macbook users
  11. To get battery life, use Hybrid Mode. When gaming however, use the dedicated GPU. I noticed improvements on performance and temps when running solely on the dedicated GPU vs on Optimus. Too bad my Y530 gaming laptop has no switchable graphics feature. Had to use an external monitor to bypass Optimus and make it run at its full potential.
  12. I'm glad I got the SX8200 Pro. I always thought it is inferior to the more expensive 970 Evo Plus. At those temps, my laptop palmrest will be blistering hot.
  13. Does the 970 Evo Plus really get that hot? My SX8200 Pro is sitting at 28c on idle right now, in a laptop. Never seen it go over 40c, even in long gaming sessions. Highest temp ever measured is 55c. I installed Adata's included heatsink, btw. Don't know if that helps in lowering the temps.
  14. Most SSDs with DRAM come with 5 year warranty. DRAMless SSDs by comparison only come with 3. I'd be more than happy to pay just a few dollars more for an extra 2 years of warranty.
  15. Lol, 128GB on a Macbook "Pro". Luckily it has no soldered SSD, otherwise the laptop will be nigh useless in the future.