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  1. Is there a way to get the "TDP Level Control" to stick after startup? It seems to wipe itself after reboot.
  2. Anybody know how to control the fans without Synapse installed? I found that Notebook Fan Control but the RB 2016.xml doesn't work on my machine ...
  3. I'm already over on notebookreview haha. They say hardware flasher but I'm dubious tbh. I can get 1695mhz core clock @ 0.775v on the curve editor which hits ~85w playing Battlefield V @ 90 FPS under 100% GPU load never going over 75 degrees (CPU turbo off to leave thermal headroom) but every now and then some particle effect like an explosion will push it over the 90w for like 1 second and kick in the power limiter (which knocks me down to 60fps, yikes) which is annoying. I'm trying to flash it 1070 to a higher TDP to mitigate this - I don't see why I couldn't get this chip to per
  4. Razer Blade 15. I'm thinking an extra 10w so I don't touch the PL when playing BFV (it never goes over 70 degrees) but I've literally flashed 50 VBIOS from the Techpowerup collection and they all show Error 43 - seems like it might not be possible without a hardware flasher.
  5. Bump. Is this a reinstall Windows job?
  6. Many times. Is this an OEM block?
  7. How does one fix this strange error? I am the system admin - I've tried everything on the first 2 pages of Google.
  8. It seems like nobody on the whole internet has managed to flash another BIOS on to this card which means it might not be possible.
  9. It seems so yes. I just can't understand why crossflashing doesn't work on this card when it seems to on all the rest. 90w TDP seems tame for a card that doesn't go over 70 degrees.
  10. Well obviously the backup works lol ...
  11. I'm trying to flash a higher TDP on, I'm having no problems with thermals with a Liquid Metal repastea and cooling tray. I've tried almost everything here that matches the Device ID (1BA1) https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/?architecture=Uploads&manufacturer=&model=GTX+1070+Mobile&version=&interface=&memType=&memSize=&since= and nothings taking. When I reinstall drivers I get Error 43 and GPU-Z is showing no BIOS change - the vendor stays as "Razer" and Device ID unchanged.
  12. Has anybody successfully flashed this line of cards to another VBIOS? I can't seem to get past the Error 43 driver error.
  13. UPDATE: I flashed an Alienware VBIOS on the offchance it would do something and suddently my card appeared in Device Manager as a 1070 Max Q and not "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter" - I also noticed it's now showing as 1BA1!? Long story short, reflash my 1BA1 original backup and we're back to stock.
  14. Bump ... I've contacted the guy who modded the certificates bypassed NVFlash to see if he understands the problem.