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  1. So my computer is detecting my TV when it is completely powered off and unplugged which means that the audio doesn't default back to the computer when i turn the TV off. Does anyone know why this might be happening. My computer is an old asus g750 jh laptop running windows 10 and my TV is an old lg 32 inch 32ld350 i got from family
  2. elguito

    im an idiot

    so after originally fucking up and ordering the wrong space bar. I ordered from a different company that cost more and got the correct one just now. I am so happy that i have a functioning space bar
  3. elguito

    im an idiot

    only half of the clips on the space bar that hold it down are broken so it stays in place but flips up it i press it in the wrong spot
  4. elguito

    im an idiot

    so i noticed my space bar wasn't dropping evenly while being pressed on the left side so i decided to pull it and try to clean under it to fix it. (asus g750jh laptop) So i lookup a guide online and successfully lift the space bar without breaking it and i clean it real good snap it back into place and the problem is NOT fixed. So instead of being smart and ordering a replacement online and leaving the still mostly working space bar in place i decide to lift it again and try to find out what is wrong but i fuck it up some how and when i put it back the top side of the bar does not clip in place but the bottom does. Now the bar still works for typing pretty good takes a little getting used to but i can't game with it so I'm screwed until my replacement gets here from the online supplier i got it from
  5. thanks for everyones help. I decided to recommend this http://www.ncix.com/detail/lenovo-ideapad-100-pentium-n3540-55-129956.htm?promoid=1729 and he just got one on sale for almost $200 off the regular price
  6. my dad recently asked me for help finding a laptop that he can use for accounting purposes and word processing he has set a price limit of $500 Canadian and the location for buying the laptop is the lower mainland in BC windows 7 or 10 preferred any recommendations would be great because there are a lot of different choices out there edit he requested the laptop be 15 inches
  7. I'm looking for a usb sound card for my laptop that is under $150 CDN but isn't crappy. It needs to power sennheiser hd 558 headphones
  8. vessel username: elguito https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf
  9. elguito

    source audio

    where are you guys finding such high bitrates
  10. elguito

    source audio

    what's your lossless codec of choice or does it not matter to you. i'm mainly curious about peoples choice
  11. The key thing to remember about this that there are only certain circumstances where they are are even allowed to search your phone like committing a crime be in the process of committing and even they there has to be a real urgency and they have to document the search completely and if they don't the search can be challenged in court and any thing they find can and will be thrown out.
  12. Your right to remain silent only protects you not your phone so if you don't have a password on your phone they can still search it and before you tell me that your phone is password protected i know people who don't protect their phones
  13. So in a 4:3 ruling the court said Now they also bring up the fact that lower courts have dealt with this before in another case where the accused argued that his phone was searched illegally by the police and the court agreed that this search violated his charter rights but the court also allowed the evidence anyway. the accused lost his case they also say that password protection isn't good enough to stop a search but they don't say what the police can do if the person refuses to give up his or her password so i think you should start encrypting you phones if you are about to commit a crime otherwise the police don't have the right to search your phone without a warrant at least in canada My Source : http://www.news1130.com/2014/12/11/supreme-court-says-police-have-limited-right-to-search-a-suspects-cell-phone/
  14. great job linus i have been watching you since your ncix days and i can say that your videos have gotten so much better since. keep up the good work
  15. as long as linus is able to say and do whatever he wants im fine with it