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  1. This video is way more interesting than most because you can actually see how a system fits together and what kind of hardware its capable of holding. More like this would be a really nice change from the normal empty chassis unboxings that are pretty much everywhere on the youtubes.
  2. The h100i is significantly louder when fans are set to match the performance of standard tower cooler.
  3. EVGA has a better reputation and is known to back up their warranties without hassle even on older cards. They're gamers /overclockers too so they know whats up.
  4. Mine was overclocked from 700 to 820 and fan would hit upto 60% speed and just become noticable. Nvidia did a better job with the cooler on the 480 fan than amd did on the r9-290(x).
  5. The stock heatsink for am3+ 125w cpu's (the one with the actual heatpipes) can have it's fan hit up to 6k rpm to keep it cool. The thing becomes noticeably audible after about 3k .. which doesn't take too much of a load to do depending on how steep your pwm slope & temp targets are for the bios fan profile.
  6. You're probably not comparing cards of equal graphical computation power. Science, preform it.
  7. OC edition means its clocked higher by default out of the box than the speed which the reference model from AMD runs at. The overclocking software lets you turn the dials up even higher.
  8. The Fermi series (400s/500s) were the hottest chips nvidia made, not the 200 series. The 480 idled around 70C and loaded anywhere from 90 to 100C depending on your ambients without a problem at all. Pretty much all graphic cards don't have problems running that hot unless you're beyond the point of stability for the clock speed that you are running. Only the R9 290/290X hawaii gpu's have run into that problem trying to maintain stock speeds. Your GT210 is very far from reaching the danger zone. Even more so for "normal" operation.
  9. Awwww yeaaaaah things just turned up a notch. Cant wait for whats to come now.
  10. overclocked i7 920 roflstomps a 6300. Btw, s3ns3, that comparison is of stock clocks and the old 1366 cpus came at absurdly low clock speeds of around 2.8 ghz. Those things can get +1.5-2ghz on them with the right person and cooling solution.
  11. Disappointed in the lack of overvolting. Those cards both can do better on air when overvolted without running into cooling issues.
  12. CM Sickleflows are cheap and look good. They are good performing case fans for the money and undervolt well even though they aren't pwm. Sickleflows ARE loud at full 12v because they are capable of doing 1950~ rpm although it shouldnt be a problem.
  13. SkyUI and a lot of HD texture mods at the least