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  1. I tried changing my GPU's fan profile with MSI afterburner to make it run cooler, and that it did; 72 C when running Wildlands. But it still crashed after 5-10 minutes of playing. Windows Reliability Surveillance/Monitor reported this (I've translated it into English): Source Windows Overview Hardware error Date ‎23-‎09-‎2020 22:47 Status Not reported Description Due to an issue with the hardware Windows no longer functions correctly. Problem signature Problem occurance name: LiveKernelEvent Code: 117 Parameter 1: ffffc50a1a3cb010 Parameter 2: fffff8026f0dd740 Parameter 3: 0 Parameter 4: 568 OS-version: 10_0_18363 Service pack: 0_0 Product: 768_1 OS-version: 10.0.18363. Country standard-id: 1030 I've previously tried finding out what exactly a LiveKernelEvent 117 error is, but all I seem to be able to find online is that it's a hardware error of some sort. I then checked Event Viewer, which at the same timestamp showed a 'Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered.' error, which I then searched for online finding this post on the NVidia forums: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/game-ready-drivers/13/179540/display-driver-nvlddmkm-stopped-responding-and-has/1304005/ The power management mode had somehow been set to the 'power saver' one (and not the adaptive or max performance ones), so I've set it to Maximum performance, I played for about an hour and half last night, and I've had Wildlands running for 7+ hours now, uninterrupted. There are some oddities still though; after I found out I was able to play graphics intensive games again last night, I tried running the Heaven benchmark, which caused my PC to crash completely. It ran for about 7-8000 frames before it crashed, and the Heaven benchmark overlay said it was running at close to 1500 MHz. Both MSI Afterburner, CPUID HWMonitor and TechPowerUp GPU-Z states that the GPU clock non-underclocked is at around 1300 MHz. The stock clock should be at 1100 MHz, with a boost to 1190 MHz (https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/evga-gtx-980-ti-superclocked-acx-2-0.b3323). In MSI Afterburner I can't underclock the GPU core clock by more than 90 MHz, which I've done and Wildlands still runs perfectly. I've not touched the memory clock, because it runs at its stock speed; though both MSI Afterburner and CPUID HWMonitor states the memory clock is 3500 MHz (but I understand that that is due to the VRAM being GDDR5). GPU-Z shows PerfCap Reason to be VRel (Voltage regulation, I understand), and the field is all-blue - is that good or bad?
  2. R-really? Ha! I saw the discolorations and thought I was using my GPU on borrowed time. How can I test it to see if it is no longer stable at its frequency? Underclock it? I never overclocked it. What else might cause the crashes? When I last was running Wildlands I had HWMonitor running on my secondary monitor, looking at GPU temps - should I focus on something else? The temperature of the GPU didn't go above 80 degrees Celsius. Before seeing the back of the card, I also considered the cooling to be an issue and contemplated getting a Kraken G12, with an appropriate AIO cooler, to see if that would solve it. I've also tried the DDU and re-install of NVidia drivers, but that didn't work.
  3. Hi! (Spoiler is my system specs) Quite a while ago (six months to a year), my PC began experiencing these weird video crashes (game would freeze, monitors would go grey, flicker a bit, come back to life - on very rare occasions I will have to force reboot). I'd be in a game (anything from Wildlands to something as pedestrian as FM20 or Stellaris); in the more GPU heavy games (Wildlands, GTA V, etc.) the crash would happen rather quickly, about (if not less than) 15 minutes in. In Stellaris it may happen about 8 hours in, if at all. Furmark will run for about a second, then the monitors will do a quick blink/flicker and then go back to normal. I was fearful of it being a PSU or VRM issue, until I took out my GPU and took out the backplate - see the attached pictures. How on earth does it end up looking like that? Has something failed inside the GPU? What could I have done to avoid this? I'm not an expert at all, but if anyone were to ask me to describe heat damage to a GPU, I'd describe this.
  4. Hi all A friend of mine asked me if this setup also allows for coding, working, and editing in VR? My friend (and I) have looked through this: https://pcpartpicker.com/guide/CtBD4D/budget-vr-gaming-build - but how well will it fare if you want to actually work on making VR environments and games? I was personally thinking of maybe selecting more RAM and a slightly better graphics card, but I am in no way experienced enough to know if that would make a noticeable difference. With a budget of CAD$1000 as an absolute max., what changes would be possible/necessary/recommended? Ultimately, there's no extra peripherals to consider, we're only talking the hardware going on inside the build - but my friend currently has 2 monitors, and certainly wouldn't mind if there'd be room in the budget for a 3rd monitor (as well as support for it). We both appreciate any help and advise!
  5. I had hoped it had not come to this... But yes, I am indeed the almighty King in- and of Scandinavia (although when I look at the box with my nickname on it, the line breaks so it reads 'TheKingOfScandina via member'; see attached picture). You can call me by full title, Almighty All-knowing Supreme Leader, Friend of God, Slayer of Dragons, and King of all of Scandinavia. Or just by 'K', that's cool too... but not 'TheKing', 'cause there's really only one true 'The King', amirite? I do rule with an iron fist over Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, that dude in Sweden and whomever is the highest on some mountain in Norway (true fact: the king or queen in Norway is really just the person who is the highest up. That way they also know when to abdicate; when they've gotten too old to be able to live in the height levels with lower oxygen). Thank you My history teacher 'way back when' had a saying that somewhat translates to: "Only the fools remain silent, whilst the smart one in case of doubt asks a second time." Good to know the same principle somewhat applies here - "it's better to ask, than to remain silent"
  6. So - I was a forgetful idiot, and during my selecting my parts for the new (and first) build I absolutely and idiotically forgot a NIC for wifi reception. But I was already tinkering with the idea of pulling a cable from my router (by "router" I mean the 2-in-1 thingy sent from my ISP) to my new build, and I guess my forgetfulness made the decision for me My question is: When I'm going to pull a cable from the router to my PC, ignoring cable quality and the length, does the quality of the router matter? If quality does matter, what is the best choice? I do apoligize if it was asked before - I did try to search for an answer here on the forum, but simply skimming the titles revealed that by far the most of them was something to do with a wireless connection. EDIT 1: Accidentally forgot to write the full final question
  7. Hello all Looking forward to get more alligned with this forum here and get to know y'all better. Neeeeeeeever having built a computer from scratch I do hope you will bear with me and my stupid questions. I am not new to taking one apart (I have a certificate saying I know how to do that, but what I essentially did was look at my partner doing it ), but it is completely new to me to find and locate each part, drool over the specs, and then adding it to my wishlist. I placed the order for the parts today, but afterwards realized I'd forgotten a wireless NIC, but I was already considering just pulling an ethernet cable from my router. I have a few router questions, but that is for another thread, in another subforum. Bonus info: I am hailing from Denmark, the capital of Ikea in the great land of Lalandia Or is it Sweden Denmark's located in? See you all in the forums