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    united kingdom
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    star trek
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    i like star trek
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    Intel® Core™ i5-4440 CPU @ 3.10GHz × 4
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    Acer MS-7869 Mobo
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    2x4 Kingston HyperX Fury
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    Intel® Haswell Desktop 4440
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    Normal Acer Aspire XC-605 Case
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    2TB Seagate
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    A stock PSU: Chicony D14-220P2A
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    1920x1080 Acer Monitor
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    1 Fan
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    Zelotes Gaming Mouse 5500 DPI
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    some decent headphones that were like £5
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    windows 8

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  1. So like last year, before the windows 10 free update thing, I made a post about whether I should try and install it or just keep Linux. I never got around to doing it But around 2-ish weeks ago, I remembered I had my old laptop with windows 8 on it. I hooked it up to my computer, cloned it to the hard drive on my computer Then I had windows 8 on my computer, but then I got a notification about getting windows 8.1 for free around 3 days ago as of posting this I immediately installed it since we all know windows 8.1 is better than windows 8 Then yesterday, I remembered that you can still get windows 10 for free if you have a disablility, hearing, sight etc (thats hyperlinked to the upgrade if you want to check it out) They're the same thing I think I then installed that, And here I am! Running Windows 10, I forgot how good it looked, and is it nice alright!
  2. looking for someone to grind with on trove minimum pr 2500 just want to go grinding the hell out of the world haha
  3. Starbound (this was in like 2015), I literally completed every single thing, Had basically every item, Everything maxed out, Defeated every boss, Explored basically all planets, and then I just got bored, haven't played since I had so many mods that assisted me in the game, and everything is lost now haha They don't back your stuff up on cloud so I wiped my pc like around near the end of 2016 and forgot to backup.
  4. malwarebytes and windows defender are fine, they do me good the real best anti-virus honestly is to not be stupid on the internet, think before you go clicking links, downloading etc. can you really trust it? a while back, like 2 years ago, i was really stupid so i had to use around 8 different anti-viruses/exploits etc that was completely my fault, just using common sense is the best thing
  5. don't starve is really good, i recommend it very much
  6. i think he is trying to sell it, or buy one?
  7. itisokay.png

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    2. LynxThe1st


      @shadowbyte did you even read it? lmao

    3. shadowbyte



      it's fantastic. I wish they implemented this in my school

    4. AluminiumTech


      That sign right there is so awesome!!!!!!!!

  8. well my sd card wasn't there in bios I'll buy a usb tomorrow then x[ But if it's the last thing I'll do I'm gonna install you Windows!
  9. The license and stuff I have already bought a while back, I used it on the same motherboard as of now So I'm hoping it is still tied to my motherboard
  10. I have been using linux for the whole year since Jan 1st But really, It's been boring I'll admit it I've had to do the same things, play the same 4 games for fucking 6 months+ , and such I've been limited Linux has little support towards what I want to do, which I'm going to admit that also Windows has everything I need, full support and shit Now, last time I tried to install windows after almost bricking my motherboard, I kept getting told to get some sort of HDD drivers for install or windows wouldn't carry on with the installer. Thus making the HDD uselss But that was last time, Ubuntu has installed everything for my components, question is, will it work with windows? I can risk all my stuff, my photos, videos, documents, everything, just for windows or should I just keep my self limited as always I have the installer ready to go, just need to select boot If windows doesn't work, I am 90% sure that it will brick my motherboard, in fact make that 100% Should I fuck it all, and go for windows? or stay to my boring life computer life? I need you guys to help me which to choose How I ended up with Linux? well, I fucked windows up while messing up with the good ol' cpu cores!
  11. not true at all I can play it and get up to 150 fps on medium settings
  12. wait I said that?! I did! welp I mean a few times over like a 3 month period