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Everything posted by DarrenP

  1. So i just bought a truck...

  2. As far as haggling with NCIX, You're not going to be able to do it. I've tried, unless you're spending like 10K+, they don't have room to move, their price is already the lowest possible.
  3. Never played Fallout 4, given that info, Should I buy Fallout 4 or Black Ops 3?

    1. WumboTheElephant


      Which series do you like better? I'd personally say Fallout 4, though. It'd be a newer experience and game, rather than a game you've already tried.

  4. One of my best friends committed suicide last night.. I'll be off the forums for a while...

    1. Jumper118


      my condolences. :(

    2. WumboTheElephant


      Oh crap, so sorry to hear that man. Hope it gets better for you.

  5. DarrenP

    Best steering wheel compatible with PC?

    I have a G27, I found it a much better budget oriented option rather than the G920, or G29.
  6. DarrenP

    What price bracket is your pc in

    Do you mean just my Computer? or Setup?
  7. DarrenP

    Windows on Toshiba Chromebook 2?

    You wont be able to install Windows on it. They have like what 16GB of storage? The driver support also likely wont be there. You also wont be able to use the SD Card as a boot drive. So if you can even manage to get windows to go, I doubt it would be a wonderful experience.
  8. DarrenP

    Show off your latest purchase!

    I bought a Logitech G27 Racing Wheel: I know someone's going to ask why I didn't grab the G29. I didn't because I'm not paying 100 bucks more for the almost same product without the shifter.
  9. Bought a G27 on Friday. Tried playing some games using the stick shifter... Haha it's a good thing I drive an automatic car..

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DarrenP


      I know. Maybe it's just my ADHD though. I just cannot focus on shifting and drive at the same time. I was trying to play Spin Tires, and kept stalling. I was explaining how to drive stick, in thought it seems easy, it practice not so much. Lol

    3. Jumper118


      you have zero clutch fell on a sim, its just completely num and disconnected.

    4. DarrenP


      meh, Idk. I'm just not used to it haha. Too much thinking.

  10. DarrenP

    Fast, Cheap External Storage.

    Does it need to be portable? If not you could look at a thunderbolt raid enclosure, it'll be pricey, but well worth it.
  11. DarrenP

    Do I have a flue or some plague

    The Influenza strain this year that's been passing around most first world nations lately is rather rough. You likely just have the common house cold. I have it right now. Give a week. if you're sick after a week / 2 weeks go see a doctor.
  12. What's the price you're selling it for? That's likely why it's not selling.
  13. DarrenP

    [Steam] The Steam Stealth Game Sale

    You realize it's a themed sale. Why would GTA V be on sale on a "Stealth" Sale?
  14. I have an AM1, AMD 5350 2.05Ghz 4 core CPU in a desktop I have that I use for streaming content from my desktop to it for Steam in-home streaming. They're great little CPU's and I think you'd be fine with one of them for small servers. (less then 20 people). EDIT: If you want OP I can set up a server later (Like a day or two from now) and test the performance.
  15. DarrenP

    Dual CPU Motherboard supporting G3258

    Doesn't exist. It never will either. The only platform that supports more than one CPU is the LGA 2011+ platform.
  16. DarrenP

    Semi-Budget 1st Gaming build

    That CPU is in no way shape or form out-dated.
  17. DarrenP

    Is my PC still a good PC?

    As long as they work for you, than it's good enough.
  18. I'd recommend the R9 390X. As it has higher amount of VRAM, than it's NVidia counterparts.
  19. DarrenP

    Budget 1000 W PSU?

    You'll still have plenty of room. I've run 2x280x's + 3770K overclocked to the snot on an 850W with no issues.
  20. DarrenP

    Dual Xeon16x4 Workstation

    You're going to need to go with dual CPU do actually have the lanes. Let me do some further looking for you. I've never needed to know about 16x(x4) so I'll take a look for you and find you a decent board. What's your overall budget? Are you planning to use Tesla's? Or something similar, hence the 16X requirement? or?
  21. DarrenP

    Budget 1000 W PSU?

    You wont need a 1000W for dual SLI / CFX. 850 is more than enough for most card. especially the 270X.