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    net neutrality means nothing if you know how economics work, lol

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  1. I hold my mouse fingertip grip (not claw or full) and my fingers are farther back on the clicking pedals. This makes shooters more difficult, since this mouse (like many others) require more pressure to click farther back on the pedals. I would like to know if it’s possible to take it apart and grind down some plastic or move the mainboard forward in order to put the clickers farther forward, requiring less pressure and giving me more leverage farther back. dont you fucking dare tell me to change how i hold my mouse. ive been holding my mice this way for 12 years.
  2. I'm looking for a mouse which is high quality and very accurate. I don't like edgy gamery shit, and the Rival 600 is almost in the "nty" zone. I don't care about the price. Which one is better, which one has better drivers, and which one is more comfortable. I like heavy mice and I play at low sensitivity (high dpi, low sens - like how you're supposed to do it.)
  3. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/insignia-50-class-led-1080p-hdtv/6172324.p?skuId=6172324 thanks for trying!
  4. Any decent new HDTV that's around or above 50" with S/PDIF out, and I would prefer 2160p.
  5. I broke the hinge (the black flap broke off the metal spring hinge - the spring hinge was in the wrong spot on one side - both were both too deep) i dont know where the flap went, it just kind of disappeared. But now i can at least plug it in. Thanks. Getting a new xbox soon enough anyways.
  6. i tried pushing on it but it doesnt do anything. I think it rotated wrong.
  7. does anyone else have anything
  8. i was feeling for it in the dark and it stuck in when my finger went over it. the light that goes on when theres no cable inside of it is off. cant put a cable in.
  9. I've been able to connect to my public IP in the past.
  10. yeah i know that and i cant connect using my public IP which is the problem because then i know it works.
  11. I'm trying to connect to myself and I'm using the correct IP. and yes.
  12. That helped nothing whatsoever. I've already stated that Other does not work.
  13. I got a new router from my ISP and there's this new option for port forwarding. It asks me for a Service, but defaults to Other. Which isn't working. Trying to make a Minecraft server. There's this drop down list where Other is in the port forwarding section - lists basically every type of network protocol, from DNS to FTP to IMAP. Which one do games use? I don't feel like going through and trying them all, since there's a good 30.
  14. I read that "most" quadros support HDMI in.