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    intel xeon 1220 3.4ghz
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    intel DZ77GA-70K motherboard
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    10 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
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    My desk
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    coolermaster 650 watt
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  1. I know Minecraft isn't exactly the most popular game but I decided to host a server and am looking for new members. Its a community server designed for people to be able to chill and have fun with each other. I'm planning on streaming my playthrough on twitch and would love it if other content creators joined the server but that is not a requirement. The main rules of the server are: 1) no griefing 2) no stealing 3) be respectful to other players 4) no pvp unless both parties have agreed to it 5) don't do anything that you wouldn't want to be done to you 6) have a good time These are the application questions you can answer into a dm on here or a dm on discord (link below). What's your building style? Whats your IGN? Have you been banned from a server/realm in the past and if so why? Why do you want to join the realm? What do you hope to bring to the realm? discord link: <Link Removed> mudpack: <Link Removed> Thank you for reading and I hope to see you on the server!
  2. Legolessed

    What laptop should I get?

    Thank you for the advice! One thing. How good/ bad are the AMD Vega graphics in Intel CPUs. I heard about them a lot but like how do they perform?
  3. Legolessed

    What laptop should I get?

    I'm ok with a little chubby but not like super thick. No I don't want to go refurbished, sorry.
  4. Legolessed

    What laptop should I get?

    $1000 is probably my limit
  5. I've been looking at other threads since I don't want to dry out a desert so to speak but it just wasn't enough like my scenario. So I'm looking to buy a new laptop and I don't really have a bias Mac or windows. Right now a store near me is selling the base model MacBook air for $899 but still the spec to price ratio isn't amazing to me. So I have several uses including writing essays and doing presentations for school. Doing basic 720-1080p video editing and some light gaming including the games from the depths, terratech, and a Minecraft modpack called pagemaster 2. I'm obviously not expecting the battery life to last all day or anything if I need a dedicated gpu and as long as the screen is 15" or below I'm ok. I'm mainly looking for suggestions because I'm not that informed on what's available. So anything around the $900 price point or a little higher is where I'm looking. If there's other details I need to give I would love to give them but I'm mainly looking for ideas. Thank you!!
  6. I've been thinking about getting a webcam and a tripod of some sort. Hopefully that might work. I'm totally open to ideas though. Thank you! Yeah I tried to do a video but my phone failed on me because it didn't record and as of now what I do is balance my phone against two black keys and use a weight to prop it up. It's really unstable Thanks for the advice!
  7. So my videos on youtube have not been the most amazing but I started getting into playing the piano more and thought about making a video with it and the result is 2 of my most recent videos. The first one I used my phone to record the video of my hands while playing the piano and in the second video I spent about 30 minutes getting my phone to not fall over and when I finally did it just didn't record for some reason so I gave up and didn't include a video with my hands just some nature photos. I also tried to make my sound quality as good as possible by wiring my electric piano directly into my computer and using the program Audacity to record the audio (Thank you guys for the help with that). I guess what I'm trying to say is how can I improve my videos. I'm trying to keep them short so they are engaging while still having content. I really enjoy making videos and will keep making them even if no one watches them but want to try and make them as presentable as possible on a budget. Anyways thanks for reading and here are the two previously mentioned videos!
  8. Legolessed

    How much torque do 3d printer stepper motors have?

    Sorry I forgot to link this https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.pbclinear.com/Download/DataSheet/Stepper-Motor-Support-Document.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwin1IH---_bAhXQ5p8KHav5CmoQFjADegQIARAB&usg=AOvVaw05BlCl8Uk4CRPIFriEhhq0
  9. Sorry for the weird wuestion but I have 4 spare motors and am thinking of projects to do with them, but I have no idea how much torque they have.
  10. Legolessed

    Why is this minecraft mod crashing my server

    If I take the mod out it works fine but as soon as I add it back in it breaks
  11. I made a mod for minecraft called Rings of Flight and in single player it works great with other mods and everything but when i put it into a server it crashes. Help! Rings of Flight v7 - Copy.jar crash-2018-06-21_17.36.05-server.txt
  12. Legolessed

    Whats causing my minecraft server to crash

    I'm letting it use 8gb of ram. I allocated it through my start.bat file
  13. Legolessed

    Whats causing my minecraft server to crash

    I known have. You use the forge installer and it pastes items you need into a folder for you to build the server off of but after that
  14. I made a forge minecraft server and as soon as i added mods to the server i get a crash. Im not sure whats going on as the modpack runs perfectly fine in singleplayer. please help. This is the crash report. Thanks! crash-2018-06-21_14.21.42-server.txt
  15. Legolessed

    crash log from minecraft mod. please help me

    this is odd but i took away one of the wing levels and now it works fine