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  1. I reckon that the 2nd gen ryzen will be fine on bugs and glitches as it is already just being build upon the current architecture. However, I am not sure further down the line. If I am correct we are meant to see a new architecture in 3rd gen Ryzen.
  2. What my question is though is that with more CPU cores comes more enthusiasts wanting the buy the CPU for high end workstation use. And traditionally enthusiasts have wanted more ram or more ram across more dims. However, if I am correct, Z370 only supports having 4 ram slots. So will they release a new chipset to accomodate for more ram and PCIE slots. Plus, Digi Worthy did put a road map on their site. Image Source: Digi Worthy
  3. Digi Worthy did write in their article: However, I am not sure how valid this is http://digiworthy.com/2018/03/23/8-core-intel-coffee-lake-3dmark/
  4. I personally think most of the specs there are faked. Im not sure how 3D mark get theirs specs but I know that if you want to fool windows, you can just perform a simple registry tweak and the next time you open up system specs on the pc it will say whatever cpu you typed into the tweak
  5. Articles http://digiworthy.com/2018/03/23/8-core-intel-coffee-lake-3dmark/ https://www.pcgamesn.com/intel-8-core-coffee-lake-leak Intel is preparing for the upcoming launch of AMD Ryzen 2 with an 8 core hyper-threaded CPU, however it not launching as close as people think as PCGamesN state in their article However this is divergent to Digi Worthy where Kevin Wilson writes This big difference in release prediction is rather interesting as it questions the validity of both sources. Weather or not they themselves are getting the information from reliable sources or if they are just making up the dates. According to PCGamesN it was spotted in the 3D mark benchmark databases This is supported by Kevin Wilson on Digi Worthy where he explicitly states My Opinion This bump in cores will be interesting as currently AMD's value proposition to customers is the number of cores over the speed of the cores. With new 2nd Gen AMD processors coming out soon I question weather AMD's lower manufacturing process and higher clock speeds will be enough to stand against Intels cpu's. In the past typically Intel has held its throne due to their stronger cores, while AMD have appealed to customers through the shear number of cores. But if Intel can sell the same amount of cores that in turn could also be stronger than AMD what hope does AMD have. With 2nd Gen Ryzen we are not see a new architecture but instead a slightly refined copy of the current Zen architecture. For AMD to stand against Intel, I think there could be the possibility for AMD to further drop their prices when Intel hits the scene. Paradoxically, both articles do state the idea that AMD could be hiding the benchmarks to their Ryzen 2800x to compete with Intel, with Digi Mark going as far to say PCGamesN: However, I would also like to state that I don't personally believe that one listing on 3D mark is enough to be talking about a new 8 core Intel CPU on the mainstream. This sort of scandal has occurred in the past and there is the possibility that this CPU is just a fake. Image Source: Digi Worthy
  6. Oh they are too. Whoops sorry in Aus they sell like $30 - $50 cheaper
  7. The i5 will perform better in most situations, this is because the Pentium is a lower power CPU that runs at 4 - 5 watts, whilst the i5 runs at approx 28w
  8. The best value you will find is actually in the rx 400 series as the 500 series are the same chips just slightly buffed. You can pick up an RX 480 at great prices right now
  9. Would probably get 32gb if you are going to get into heavy editing with after affects
  10. However the Envy will probably have better battery life as @deXxterlab97 said earlier
  11. Well if you don't worry about colors, I would just get the Lenovo as it will perform better in most situations
  12. If you google around you will find plenty of reviews on this microphone in many YouTube videos (I checked).
  13. If you are doing photo editing I would take the HP (personally), because of its QHD display. It has no SD card reader like the Lenovo but if you are photo editing its best to get the laptop that reproduced the most accurate colors and the HP will have better color accuracy than the Lenovo. They have similar ports so that doesn't really matter and both have USB-C which means you can get dongles that have a vast amount of ports on one device and will support larger bandwidths than a traditional USB port. If however you do have a color accurate monitor then take the Lenovo, as it has a built in SD card port, DDR4 ram instead of DDR3L, more storage and a 940mx rather than Intel graphics (Which will help in some photo editing software depending on what you are editing in).
  14. I have had it set to MBR for UEFI and BIOS. When I plugged in another drive however I found it actually worked. I plugged in a HDD with Win Server 2012 already on it and it seemed to work