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  1. I wouldn't take the risk but that up to you.
  2. Well it intel so say go with 2133 mhz no need to go so high unless your getting it at good price. If it was ryzen cpu then yea 3000mhz will help you. I would say go with 2 x 8 kit. I am upgrading a lot general pc to 8 GB because of modern programs.
  3. Games are fine these days if you have steam and good internet connection. I would first sort though all the data on your old drive before moving it over to the external make easy er to transfer to your drive once have formatted the drive when you boot from windows install and installed windows on the ssd
  4. So it not power prick then I know in old laptops they do flack out. If the laptop is that old it looks like old age to me.
  5. Have you Checked your power prick is working probably ? also what model and make is your laptop ?
  6. I would go with a m.2 for your OS and your small programs if you don have a SSD. What hard drives do you have ?
  7. It can be a number of thing a program loading in the back around on your pc or the internet. Your internet speed also edge I find has a lot of poop. If I am not mistaken Fire fox is now with edge so yea it slowly getting out date as the wheel go around.
  8. I5 8400k what your Pc parts spec's ?
  9. Hmm what to help with to day :)

  10. My brain is frayed today :x . 

  11. Simple answer would be if you just using the Gigabit witch then yes you get one Gbit between the pc but if you are using your router then you only get 100 mb.
  12. Just got the perfect thing to end this topic it joke just heads up.
  13. The power supply is only relay a 650 watt. Your over heating protection probably kicked in shouting your pc off because they only rate your psu to handle 42C before shouting off. I would may be chest getting decent PSU. if you want to read more in to detail about your unite here the link http://www.jonnyguru.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story&reid=486
  14. I can under stand why apple said no to the repair because they probably have a lot a there repairs to do witch have quick turn around time. Instead of spending a lot of time one pc. We see what apple has to say soon I hope before every one loses there minds on this.
  15. I am going to be the middle man here and cut throw most of the poop. Okay reading a lot of news articles on this apple Pc. Apple should have told LTT that was to expensive to repair and offer them discount on a new one witch probably would have soften the blow on both sides. short story The reason I say this I am quote ting the article in my own words Is it seams there was a lot more damaged then the LTT video had show.. Quote from the article Linus Tech Tips also admit that the logic board and power supply unit needed replacing as well, which suggests the repair process could be pretty complex and pricey. https://www.techradar.com/news/youtube-channel-claims-apple-is-refusing-to-fix-its-broken-imac-pro
  16. Just some advice if you going to put that amount of ram and use a Zen CPU I would suggest getting 3000 MHZ ram it help your CPU a lot.
  17. Power supply would be good start. SSD anther 8 GB ram Wait anthill the new architecture is out before buying new graphics card.
  18. No it does not support sli as can see by the link https://forum.giga-byte.co.uk/index.php?topic=15351.0
  19. This video might help out UFD Tech the normally are quite good with guiding you throw the basics of mining. https://youtu.be/qYVzzNJOvkw
  20. Well if still sealed comes with manufacturers warranted and it at good price it no brainier go for it
  21. The more I read in to this on different article's the more this is up in the air regarding how they going to tax you. It looks like they are treating it like trading stock and tax you there and tax you when you going to convert to different Crypocurrencys and real world currency but no VAT yet. SARS is regaling you to disclose everything and be good tax pay there nothing they can do at the moment to prevent you from keeping everything secret transaction wise .
  22. Hi all SARS over here in South Africa is planing to tax you on Cryptocurrencys as far as I have read there busy developing a formula on how to tax you on different Cryptocurrencys depending on your gain's and loses if reside here in South Africa. I think it grate idear but depending on how it works and how it implemented that anther store. Link https://www.moneyweb.co.za/financial-advisor-views/trading-in-bitcoin-ethereum-sars-wants-its-share/
  23. Well if you have no opening windows you might want to have a look at AC.
  24. What I would do is run a monitor test and see what your results are because look like you have Led damage witch why it shows worse on cert en colors .