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  1. Just tried to buy a t-shirt on the new LTTStore and get it shipped to the UK. $20 for the shirt and $48 for the shipping! Unfortunately, I can't justify that. Any plans to adjust the shipping costs to make it more affordable? Thanks in advance.
  2. Is anyone else getting this issue below? I am unable to play the video and the play button is in the wrong place. Floatplane.com is working fine so I'm using that, just a little odd...
  3. I still love the casual videos that you guys do. Anything tech related that I want to buy, I always check your channel for a review. It only feels like yesterday that I subscribed you LinusTechTips back when you had about 300,000ish subscribers. I hope the next five years are as successful.
  4. Big fan of the Z1 and the Z2 looks fantastic with that IPS screen. I didn't think they had a orange version until I saw it was dband that did it, it looks great!!
  5. I love that screen and I'm quite interested to see how I cope with the buttons on the back.
  6. Just purchased Hotspot shield with your offer code. Best decision I have ever made, thanks!!
  7. Another great giveaway https://www.facebook.com/jtbtroon/posts/653598697999227 https://twitter.com/jtbtroon/status/340889954437709825
  8. Thank you Linus!!! Cool Contest https://twitter.com/jtbtroon/status/340545317642584065 Re-Tweeted Tweet https://twitter.com/LinusTech/status/339654562858278912
  9. Love this forum so much!!!!