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  1. The image quality and brightness from this small of a projector is amazing, not to mention the ultra short throw and the value add of built in speakers. This thing is awesome. It even has ethernet and USB inputs as well, which is super useful.
  2. These drives are intended for enterprise, datacenter, and high density use. They are not intended for your typical everyday consumer applications. With 1.8 DWPD, or 5.76TB of writes per day for the 3.2TB model, it's designed for high speed random IO, for example high speed databases etc. Coupled with high reliability with a guarantee for read/write endurance, this would be well worth it to companies where cost doesn't matter and they need mission critical reliability. You or I would never be able to fully utilise this kind of performance; I guarantee the most demanding thing you do in regards to performance is booting up your PC or possibly playing a game. This class of drive has not, will not, and will never be marketed to or intended for consumers.
  3. I would prioritise getting a good education, saving up an emergency fund, and getting your life on track/starting your life etc., rather than spending potentially tens of thousands of dollars on a single piece of hardware that you will never be able to fully utilise. These SSD's are targeted towards enterprise environments, where high capacity, high speed storage is needed for I/O intensive applications such as databases etc. Even if you were to have the money to buy one of these, I doubt you would be able to get a hold of one, as these are probably sold in bulk or are only available to enterprise customers.
  4. Yeah, so does anyone know of any iOS music player that can play my own media while overlaying rain, thunder, etc sounds? Similar to what this website does: http://vip.aersia.net/vip-mellow.swf Cya guys
  5. Okay so some background info first: My current rig (ITX) had a whiny power supply, so I sent it back for an RMA. Since I was really missing using my PC, I borrowed a friend's power supply, but since it was ATX and my rig was ITX, it didn't fit in my case, so being the idiot that I was, I just haphazardly nested everything on top of itself, resembling a tower of H100i radiator nesting upon a giant nest of power supply cords. Now here comes the problem: I was using my PC, when suddenly, the cables holding my H100i radiator moved, shifting the radiator slightly and disconnecting one of the rad fans. The PC shut down, and then rebooted, upon which I could faintly smell a smell that you never want emanating from your PC. I quickly shut the power supply off, and then upon carefully inspecting it, rebooted, which then led me to discover that both of my rad fans weren't spinning, which freaked me out a bit. I tried connecting the fans directly to the motherboard chassis fan headers, and they worked, but when they were plugged in to the H100i, they didn't work. This leaves me to believe that the H100i may have fried or something, however the light works, but I'm not so sure about the pump. Tomorrow when I wake up, I'll probably try booting into the BIOS or Windows and try to see my pump rpm and temps. Thoughts? I'm really hoping it's something trivial. TL;DR: H100i rad fan disconnected; upon rebooting, both fans were not spinning up, however they worked. This leads me to believe that the H100i is shorted out. Sorry for the needlessly long post.
  6. An uncomfortable pair of Urbanears Plattans, and no GPU. Also, I can get the Shures for $340 shipped, which what makes it hard.
  7. I need some help deciding a dilemma; should I get some Shure SE535's, or a GTX 960? I always game, and I always listen to music, so I'm stuck.
  8. The crying baby scenario or background noise scenario would only really be relevant for airplane use and use at venues other than my home. Something open-backed is very viable for my home use. I had a brief look at the GR07's and they look quite nice. Should I go for the bass or classic? Wow. Thanks for your reply. Do you think modding the SE535's with filters would make them sound better? The brown or grey filters seem like they make the SE535's perfect, but that's all subjective, and I don't know if I would like what they liked. I for some reason am leaning towards the SE535's, even though if I was to take an unbiased look at it, I wouldn't like it. Maybe it's the physical attractiveness? EDIT: As for the sensitivity of the SE535's, almost all of it is in FLAC, and the music that I regularly listen to is in FLAC. As for my onboard sound...I'll have to see. If not, I can use my iPod or my iPad if it proves to be better. Thanks guys for all your help, I sincerely appreciate all of it.
  9. Thanks. I'd prefer to buy new though, as I've gotten ear infections before from sharing headphones, but if that's the only option, I'll just have to take it and get some new tips. Thanks for all the help. Any recommendations then?
  10. Thanks. From what I can see, Logitech quality control has been having issues? Correct me if I'm wrong. The Westone's looked good, but they're discontinued? They're also a bit out of my budget. I'm open to the idea of buying two headphones, except it means one more thing to lose. Do you think I could just get one pair of over-ear headphones for everything? It would be bulky for traveling and whatnot, but I'd be willing to trade that off for good sound quality. Also, as for sources, would the onboard on a Maximus VII Impact be acceptable? EDIT: Also, here's the mod I was talking about for the SE535's.
  11. Thanks guys. I'm leaning towards buying a set of IEM's at the moment; my current on ear headphones become painful after a long period of use; they press down on my ears and head. Hopefully the IEM's won't have this issue.
  12. Hey guys. I'm looking to invest in a good pair of headphones; IEM's or Over-ear headphones. The ones mentioned above were some of the ones I've been looking at, but feel free to recommend something. I hope to use these for: Gaming - I'd like to hear the big crunch and bass of RPG's firing, but at the same time not too overwhelming, if you know what I mean. Also, a good soundstage. Doesn't really matter if it's not too big. Music - My tastes are extremely varied. I can be into one genre one moment and then another the next, so the selection of IEM's based on a particular genre wouldn't be wise for me. Noise isolation would be a nice feature to have - I travel often on planes and the blocking out of babies crying would be really nice - as long as I don't have to turn up the volume so that my ears start to bleed. Movies and videos - Watching YouTube is one of my favourite activities to do when I'm procrastinating or being bored. So as you can see, many uses. I realise I'm asking for a lot here; I want to keep my spending under $400 if possible? I've found the SE535's on Ebay for $370 shipped, the Audio-Technica MSR7's in a bundle with some other stuff on Massdrop for $250, and the Sennheiser IE80's on Ebay for $230 (Not sure about this one, apparently there are many fakes out there; I'll probably just buy from somewhere authorised at full MSRP.) Now, when it comes to sound quality, I don't consider myself to be an audiophile, but I can appreciate good sound and music, as one of my full time hobbies is playing the piano. I would like a balanced sound, but not 'boring'. If I end up buying the Shure SE535's, I'll probably mod them with new dampers, since they apparently improve the sound quality. Thanks in advance to everybody that spends their time helping others; I hope I've answered all your questions. - HexaGuy
  13. Well, even with the point of this thread being the NBN, the NBN would be a better place to cut. Not healthcare. People are afraid to go to the doctor now, they can't afford it. Sure, high speed internet access is essential in our modern society, but I would rather the population's general health be better. 100Mbps speeds aren't worth it if many people are sick or diseased. Even reintroducing the mining tax would help some, but then you would need to take care not to hamstring our main industry. Honestly, there are many, many places you could cut, but please, not healthcare.
  14. I do, but there are many other places to cut funding that will not have a big of an impact on the Australian public.