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  1. In my research for a paper I'm writing I came across a scan of the "destroy this mad brute" poster that was 381 megabytes. for a single image. The library of congress isn't messing around, that's insane

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    2. amdorintel


      high definition for research purposes and historical purposes

    3. RGProductions


      @amdorintel Yes sir! I'm glad they are able to document history in that way. 

    4. Tech_Dreamer


      that's actually good , more details per image the better imo. 


      FYI, have to flex a lil bit, i made this tiff image set one time that went near upto 6.9GB . (Lab color,16BIT,9000x something resolution) a high res PDF page conversion via Photoshop. totally unnecessary but did it anyways. apparently PDF has no set value for size & resolution for the contents within & i just punched in those settings for import in a "lossless" manner 🤪. it took like 20+ seconds to open the image files(size ranged from 900mb at minimum to 7gb range at max per file ) after saving it, sometimes the windows image viewer simply crashed by saying cannot display error . i was so proud. believe i posted a status about it with screenshots. cannot find the attachments via search now sadly, will post it if i find them.