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  1. arrested development footage not found; anyone?
  2. I was expecting Linus would "hate" on $100 extra over used 1070/1070TI, when 30 FPS RTX is useless... ?
  3. missed Office meme, with DvD logo bouncing from the corner...
  4. the nGreedia article feels like "smart" decision after someone correctly pointed out they can't sell 4 FPS of RTX on new cars. Not even gamers are that dumb...
  5. agree to disagree... this is NOT going to happen by multiple factors, like: how you wanna pull HDMI quality (18Gbps) thru AT&T/Verizon infrastructure? why x265 when you are forced to send 60+ I-frames only anyway? how is it better/acceptable to watch 60 wash-out JPG over crystal clear RAW render? anyone wanna bet that gaming PC+streaming PC rent will EVER get cheaper than just owning one anyway? so they run a server; that runs VM; that runs on VM; that runs denuvo VMprotect; that is on VM... clever... --- This project is already dead as every predecessor. ..., but if we are lucky, in few years time, we'll get a linux open-source code for screen-streaming over your home network.
  6. good work, kinda expect some rant in the end about how Intel 9000 series completely bomb and miss the performance/price mark. Maybe part II coming?
  7. so shall we call new Intel CPU Core2Quad++++++++++++++++++++ ? :D
  8. is this serious? for $99 I have 3GB RAM, 1080p 5" IPS display; 4000mAh battery and Android 7.0... did Linus became just a marketing too for Intel/Apple $9999 shiz?
  9. ... also where is WAN document for this week? more important than the vod/podcast itself.
  10. smart, awesome, but same as Intel... If I have to choose between $200 phone with a dock and $2000 phone with a dock, the choice is clear...
  11. I aint saying dont do it yourself. Im just saying they would benefit from having someone with copper-bending expertease nearby.
  12. ... basically any "new" Intel CPU is 15 years old. there is close to none difference between Core2Quad and any Intel i5/i7..., and that's why I'm so fucking salty talking about Intel...
  13. Wouldn't be easier just rang an plumber? for some advice from someone with experience. --- long story short; few years ago our entire apartment complex did go thru water pipe renewal, each apartment could choose between plastic and copper pipe (main raiser was plastic anyway, which we weren't told), so we did go for copper. It took them WAAAY longer to install copper pipes, but they did whole kitchen+bathroom in like an hour, each pipe cut and bend COLD. no sand either.
  14. $420 would be easy... Pentium 2C/4T + any GPU in price range... or watch scrapyardwars
  15. OC 750TI aint get much... ~2-3fps... but you can OC CPU A LOT... I'm currently running 29% OC, and I prolly could get more, but my mb/ram dont like that many Mhz bus. fyi. stock q9550 = 8,5 x 333 Mhz im now stable at 8,5 x 430 Mhz i could go up to 8,5 x 450 Mhz, but system (in like 99% of times) BSOD on start with memory_management issue, going over 450 system wont start at all. if anyone wanna more info, Q9550(8,5x430Mhz);4x2GB ADATA Extereme CL4;Asus P5KC(newest bios:1203);cooled by Seidon120V2 even on hot day <66C.