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  1. Recently I have discovered that my D drive from my computer disappears and reappears after several boots and have hence have decided to give it for repair to a technician. I have an external wd passport that I just bought and would like to backup both my C drive and my D drive to the external hard drive in case my drives have to be replaced. Could anyone kindly guide me by telling me the steps I should take to back up completely my C and D drives to my external HDD.
  2. Pardon me I'm new to g=sync tech and have no idea how it is implemented on youtube. The gsnyc indicator does not switch on on fullscreen youtube indicating it doesn't use gsync but how do I smoothen out frames to stop screen tearing on youtube? It does not happen in other applications of games.
  3. The screen tearing occurs while watching fullscreen youtube video.
  4. I tried enabling it in Nvidia control panel, when fullscreen, always, nothing seems to be working.
  5. Hey. I am using ASUS ROG GL502VM with GTX 1060 which is capable of G-SYNC. I am finding that during games and while watching youtube videos, I am noticing heavy screen tearing. Can anyone help me out with this ?
  6. Hey guys. I am currently running intel HD graphics. The iGPU is really of no use for gaming. I am a game developer that makes indie games. Something like platformers but my current setup doesn't allow me to work efficiently. I would love a polaris 10 or a polaris 11 gpu so I can make more games for the pleasure of more indie gamers. The new GPUs will definitely make work much faster and take a burden off of my shoulders. Thank You and have a great day.
  7. Hey guys, I have a Samsung NP 300E5E which displays error that all boot options Are tried, press F4 key to recover with factory image recovery using RECOVERY or any other key for next boot loop iteration. The problem is that my CD disk tray isn't functioning and I don't have the reinstall cd ( don't remember if it was provided) I tried all possible buttons that I could think of but it didn't let me boot into bios. It did let me boot once and by mistake I switched boot into CMS rather that UEFI OS I think its a drive failure. Can I do something or I just need to partition format on other computer? sorry for the typos I'm using iPad now.
  8. Thanks everyone for the help.
  9. My problem with the 1 TN and 1 IPS is that the second monitor will be at an angle towards the Left hand side. Will the TN be better or IPS be better in centre?
  10. Actually the monitors will only be there for about 1 - 1.5 yrs and then I will be going to college. I would probably leave those monitors at home and not sell them. I also have a LCD which I modded so that only I with polarized glasses can see. Will the 2 TN pannels be better or 1 TN and 1 IPS.
  11. Linus did a video about 2 years ago I think on NCIX where he blind tested a normal gamer, He was never able to figure out the refresh rate. I've watched some similar videos recently and those people were able to recognize the difference. So what should I opt for. I mean the monitors will be powered by a high end POLARIS or PASCAL GPU. And also Internet sucks in India, not because of speed but because of FUP limitations.
  12. I was looking for an overall benefit, that is in all sorts of games. FPS at 60Hz will be fine ? Cause on locked 30Hz console, FPS still feels great.
  13. My elgato anyway records at 1080 60, so what kind of gains will I have switching over to 120 or 144. I was also thinking of overclocking to 75Hz. In my country a good 1080p 144Hz monitor is around 500 dollars
  14. Hey I was looking to buy 2 24inch BenQ monitors. They will be 60Hz 1080p monitors with 2ms GTG response time. Will these monitors suffice me ? I will be playing games and some music and video production. Is 1080p good enough. Is 60Hz adequate?
  15. I tried it with my R5 case but no. The thing is the same port has to deliver power as well as electric sound waves. This might be the reason.