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  1. i've gotten lots of cheap phones in the past and have never had a good experience with them, but that was more in the 150 USD range, however looking at the specs of the xiaomi mi a2, I would get it. also like the otehr guy said do not get the samsung s7, the battery life is unusable after a year. Also samsung puts so much stuff and features into their phone that it is significantly slower than another phone with the same specs. Also my S7 had a lot of problems that samsung refused to fix, saying it was software issue when it clearly was not.
  2. I have an r9 280 right now with an fx 6300 and who doesn't love a new graphics card
  3. I have Cm Storm and I've always Wanted a mechanical keyboard but they are so expensive
  4. I would love that keyboard to replace my CM Storm in which the key presses are quite heavy for my liking!