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  1. if you have a question put in in the title of your post
  2. do you know if seasonic core GC/GM is the same platform as seasonic focus FM?
  3. You shouldn't. Those PSUs are pretty crappy and unsafe, specially for gaming computers. Get this one it's a pretty good unit https://it.pcpartpicker.com/product/zBfmP6/bitfenix-formula-gold-550w-80-gold-certified-atx-power-supply-bp-fm550ulag-7r
  4. I wish you would put the problem in the title, like "i've built a computer and there's no display" so that the people that see the post know what it is about
  5. Your current PC has a 6-core non-hyperthreaded i5 so I think you'll be better off with that dedicated streamming PC. I mean, you already own it and it only needs to handle the streamming
  6. right also, your UPS rating in VA must be higher than your PSU rating isn't it? I don't understand VA and W ratings, I know VA is apparent power, and W is real power, but idk why a UPS that is 1000VA can only do 500W
  7. I'm pretty sure you can build a pretty capable gaming machine with 1000 canadian, there is no reason to go with used parts at this budget
  8. 400W is enough for a ryzen 7/i5 + RTX 2060 combo upgrades don't always require more power, as time passes components become more eficient
  9. cheapest PSU in the US that isn't completely garbage is 60 USD: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/kCtQzy/evga-br-500w-80-bronze-certified-atx-power-supply-100-br-0500-k1
  10. Nope, TXM also has 100% GOOD japanise caps The best is the RM650i for two reasons: - better fan - option to operate the PSU in multi-rail mode So yeah I'd pick that one if I have the money, then RMx, then TXM and RM is the worst. Though all of them are premium PSUs
  11. Amazon users aren't reviewers but I agree that PSU is garbage 50 usd right?
  12. I didn't find a UPS category so I hope it's ok to post this question here. I have seen many tutorials but they only say "figure out how manny watts you need, get a UPS from a reputable brand" I want to know what other things I need to consider when shopping for a UPS and also, how important having a UPS actually is thanks
  13. If you used monitoring software and saw that GPU usage isn't 99% that's clearly a bottleneck there are a few things you can do to alleviate that bottleneck. 1.- overclock your CPU and RAM (if you haven't already) 2.- turn down CPU intensive settings such as draw distance, geometry, number of cars/PEDs on the game. 3.- increase GPU intensive settings, which are pretty much the ones I didn't include in my last point, some examples are: resolution texture quality anisotropic filtering shadows reflexions AO or amb
  14. For a modern dual-core CPU 150W is plenty, the problem is those generic PSUs that come bundled with cases aren't very reliable.
  15. It is compatible since the B360 Gaming Plus has an 8-pin EPS connector and that's exactly what the EVGA 400W comes with. But 1) The EVGA 400W is a piece of garbage, I wouldn't pair it with a gaming computer 2) Just because your PSU is compatible with your motherboard doesn't mean it's OK for your build. The PSU must be compatible with the GPU, CPU, RAM, and storage as well in both connectors and wattage that's why the PSU is one of the last things you choose. Not only that but the PSU also has to be good quality like I hinted in the first point.