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  1. Yeah that's my guess too. Was asking because I don't know how good is my code,
  2. Who are you refering ?? You might want to clarify that.
  3. Numerical Integrator in Python There is a lot on non code portion in this. import math from decimal import Decimal as D from decimal import getcontext getcontext().prec = 20 e=math.e pi=math.pi def repeat(): Q=input("\n Run again? \n Type Y or N \n") if Q=="Y": main() else: if Q=="N": print("OK") else: print("I didn't get it. \n ") repeat() def main(): k = input("\n Please type the function that you want to integrate. \n") lower_limit=D(input("Please put lower limit. \n" )) upper_limit=D(input("Please put upper limit. \n" )) dx=D(input("Please put sixe of small element dx.\n" )) def f(x): return D(eval(k)) def integration(lower_limit,upper_limit,dx): sum= D('0') n=lower_limit while n<upper_limit : sum = sum + (f(n)+f(n+dx))*dx #print(sum) n = n+dx sum = sum/2 print("\n The integral of "+str(k)+" from "+str(lower_limit)+" to "+str(upper_limit)+" is "+str(sum) ) print("Please note that the answer might not be accurate") integration(lower_limit,upper_limit,dx) #repeat() main()
  4. First of all CrossFire does not require any type of extra connection between the cards and second I am pretty sure that there are much better choices than a RX480 CrossFire PS.. And do you need 2 2TB harddisks and a 3TB harddisk. And that too from seagate and you even have a SSD
  5. You can also go (single) E5-2670 with and 1080 for maximum gaming optimized performance that also would be fine for other things.
  6. I want one because I have integrated graphics on a AMD A4-6300 and the power supply would barely drive a 750ti .
  7. @Blade of Grass I think that you should update the original post to mention that WD's green line was merged into then blue line. This means that there is a blue 7200 RPM class and a blue 5400 RPM class. Also,(I am not sure about this and this is probably wrong) WD seems to have terminated the original Blue series i.e the 7200 RPM blue line completely.
  8. Well Everyone and specifically the OP, WD merged the Blue and the Green lines into one single Blue series with two classes. Green => Blue 5400 RPM Blue => Blue 7200 RPM And possibly false but completely stopped making blue series 7200 rpm drive
  9. Well considering the fact that thunderbolt cable cost like 10x the cost of LAN cable and the fact that 10 Gbit is good enough for almost any workload and the fact the we don't have storage to completely utilize to bandwidth of 10 Gb LAN.......The fact you gave is completely useless. Not to even mention the lack of support on most mobos for Thunderbolt.
  10. First of all , If you have a ~1500(USD?) budget then can't you just buy a copy of unRAID. IIRC it costs 70 usd. There is a free alternative to unRAID : FreeNAS BUT. FreeNAS lacks the visualization capabilities that unRAID has. For visualization you will need to set up everything by yourself in a Linux distribution like Ubuntu or Linux Mint. You will need KVM, QEMU and many other stuff and honestly I have zero experience with it (or any visualization tech).However I am(was) thinking of a similar idea so I did a little bit of research about it. Thunderbolt is very very expensive. e.g 1m(3.3ft) costs about a 30 usd. Since you are definitely need 15 meters of cable even if all the PCs are in the same room, there goes like 500 usd-ish of your budget. One more problem how are you going to connect the keyboard and mouse to the PC.It will need very long(and costly) cables. Hope this is enough.And it explain the 'was' of the idea from my side.
  11. I agree with the first two issues that you pointed out. This kind of thread is hard to implement. But for the third one, these threads can be stickied to the top in each subforum. Oh! and they answered my example questions as well and answering those question was an example on how the answer will be expected on the thread. Well computer industry move very fast and such questions will be outdated in no time. Well, mods here's an idea. Create a Short Question Answer thread and stick it to the top of its category for like a week. If it works then keep it otherwise just delete it. I am ready to create a thread if the mods tell me about the most active sub forums and are ready to sticky the thread.
  12. IMO, censorship is useless in the sense that kid come to know about the mature stuff one way or the other. And for violent games, everyone knows that they are 'games' and most of the stuff people do in games can't be done in real life.
  13. Well some of the more regular users can try implementing this. That is not an official implementation form the mod or the staff.With like zero guarantee of recovering your question or answer if the thread is deleted. And I guess that there will be only like 30 to 40 topics. Wouldn't threads like this be way more manageable ?
  14. Yes. And just visit this if anyone still doesn't get it.
  15. Well whats the problem with a possible trial implementation?