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    Williamsburg, VA
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    Electronics Repair, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Magic the Gathering, Video Games, Science Fiction
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    Computer Science graduate student studying Computational Operations Research.
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  1. Rosabonita


    My apologies for the super delayed response. Thank you all for your responses and, where offered, support. I love the show and hope to come to love the forums. As it is, I think a more measured introduction may suit me best and as such will most likely refrain from posting for a while. Thank you again.
  2. Rosabonita

    Tesoro Excalibur v2 & Sagitta Spectrum Giveaway

    The mouse because my husband is always stealing mine.
  3. Rosabonita


    I know there are trolls on the net and I know that some of you are going to troll this post. That's fine. I just need to say my piece. Ive been watching Linus for a long time now. I literally watch every dag, usually while I'm working on a repair project. I find it informative and fun. So, after much hesitation, I decided to join the much-praised tech tips forum. I'm sure that the majority of people integrate into the forums just fine and, doubtless, a lot of counter examples will be offered up to refute my experience: my noob experience has been unwelcoming. So much so, that if I didn't love the show so much I would not only retreat from the forum, but stop watching all together. It started as nothing major, nothing I felt too discouraged about, just a lack of responses. That's something I expected, it's a natural response to new posters I expected. But, my experience this morning has left a bad taste in my mouth. I wanted to make a new post on the raspberry pi 3 announcment. Like most on here, I'm looking for like minded people who share my interests. Seeing as my previous posts didn't generate much of a response (again, understandable), I opened the new post page and spent a good amount of time deciding what to say. In the end, I didn't say much, but what I had hoped would be enough to generate a discussion on the Iot possibilities with the new pi 3. It did garner responses, but not the ones I was hoping for. Apparently, a long time poster had also posted an article about the pi 3 whIle I was compiling mine and took it upon themselves to tell me as such, rather brusquely. Being a new poster myself, I was unaware both of their post in the intervening time and the fact that posts on the same topic weren't allowed and apparently this was a reportable offense. Again, being new here, I'm not sure why such a mistake on my part would generate such a brusque reponse as it did, but I did my best to diffuse the situation. I tried to explain what had happened and express my enthusiasm that they were also enthusiastic about the announcement. This did not engender a positive response. Now, I know that some will take this as an extended diatribe on minor instance (i.e. butt hurt ) and for that reason I was really reticent to make any sort of statement. However, I really do love the show and want not only to be a part of this forum community, but to also see it grow. I understand that it is not a mandated responsibility of the community to be welcoming, to express understanding, or to be forgiving to misteps. It is, however, a self-defeating practice to maintain an acrid environment as it is only with community growth and participation that the forums and the show can continue to grow and succeed. Persons not part of the core demographic are just now being introduced to this community and that diversity helps improve the quality of the dialogue. To this end, it would be beneficial to be nice to noobs and perhaps ask moderators in particular to be aware of said noob status when interacting with members. Thanks for reading. Tldr; let's create a welcoming environment for noobs
  4. Mine also says 2 hours ago, so I'm not sure what you're referencing. I know that I made it about that time and, as I stated, I know that there wasn't a preexisting forum on the topic, unless, as I suggested, you too made it at the same time. Its unfortunate that the time stamp system isn't more accurate, but, regardless, I'm beginning to find your behavior a bit odd. Had I seen your post I would have happily replied to it, seeing as I too am excited about the pi 3 (albeit for different reasons, if my perusal of your topic is accurate). Yet, you seem to be reacting to my enthusiasm in an unwarranted, confrontational manner. This forum seems nothing if not a bit underpopulated compared to some of the others. As a frequenter of it, it would make more sense for you to be enthused to have others enthused rather than this unwelcoming behavior thus exhibited. Can't we just be friendly?
  5. Ok...seems a bit arbitrary since the time stamp on the posts are the same. I'm assuming that we made them close to the same time, as I verified before I began writing that there wasn't a preexisting post. I didn't realize that more than one discussion on a topic was specifically discouraged, so much so that posts on similar topics are merged.
  6. I don't understand the purpose of your comment.
  7. They just announced the new Raspberry Pi 3 this morning. It looks as if its going to be a big step up from the Pi 2 in terms of built in connectivity with bluetooth and wifi. It will support bluetooth low energy in a coming software update. This makes it an excellent choice for a IoT hub, however I think the pi zero is still the way to go for most basic IoT projects as its cheaper and has a lower power consumption. No need to power features that you don't need. Still, this is exciting news, especially considering that it will remain at the $35 price point. It also represents a pretty big leap forward in processing power, making the idea of a pi 3 cluster even more appealing. I'd love to see more people doing home parallel computing, especially with the growing ease of entry into data analysis. http://makezine.com/2016/02/28/meet-the-new-raspberry-pi-3/
  8. Rosabonita

    How to clean metal?

    Depends on the metal. If its chrome finish, there are chrome polishes with rust remover. I prefer Turtle Wax brand. Otherwise, brasso is good. Despite its name, it services a wide variety of metals. If these dont work, the last thing I would recommend is Barkeeper's Friend. It has a tendency to be harsher than the others, which is great for stubborn projects, but can leave scratches in the surface of the metal. To mitigate this, I use a polishing cloth like an old glasses or antistatic cloth.
  9. Rosabonita

    DIY server cabinet.

    Nice build. I like the increasing popularity of wood cases/mounts. I was thinking about picking up a rack at an upcoming liquidation auction, but this more compact build seems great for the home server.
  10. Rosabonita

    Computer Engineering Course Final Project

    Python can be extremely helpful, as well as marketable. Its one of the primary languages we use in data analysis, along with R. If you have the time, Udacity has a great free class on Python and Coursera has a great one for data analysis in R.
  11. Rosabonita

    Maker Projects Thread

  12. Rosabonita

    Get Raspberry Pi 2 or Wait for Pine 64?

    I have two raspberry pi 2s: one running retropie and one currently acting as a security camera. Personally, I ordered the Pine64 2gb IOT bundle for an in-progress smart home project (which may become a smart van). If you're looking to build media centers, I would go with the pi 2. Its a really simple project and the documentation is thorough. Pine 64 is a bit more cutting edge, but I can't attest to the quality; mine wont even ship until April.
  13. Rosabonita

    Maker Projects Thread

    Hi. I'm a long time fan of the show, but new to the forums. I've noticed that Maker projects (i.e. diy electronics, iot, robotics) are absent from the YouTube channels tech tips and as fast as possible. Furthermore, I haven't found a specific thread focusing on these types of projects. Is there one? I'd really love to read/discuss ideas as well as Maker news, but the official Make channel has become a little drab as of late IMHO.
  14. Rosabonita

    Windows 7 Failing to Update to Windows 10

    That should do it. Thank you!
  15. Rosabonita

    Copper Shims in Reflow Jobs, Yes or No?

    It is, but the apparent difficulty is with the quality of the sodder. Being poor, even after the reflow they fail at a higher rates that systems which haven't failed. As I understand it, the copper shim not only provides additional thermal benefits, but adds additional pressure which helps solidifies the connections. Or, so I have been told.