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  1. Just now, XenosTech said:

    you have a small case or something ? Would better to get the nitro+ if you don't since that'll run cooler in a normal case than this one

    Money is the issue here mahn nitro+ is way more expensive than this model

  2. Just now, XenosTech said:

    Sapphire is the better buy... Might have a lower base clock out of the box but it wont thermal throttle as bad as the gigabyte one

    Hey thanks, but what about the memory frequency is that an issue, and what effects does it have in total,i.e., is having higher memeory frequency really benefit!

  3. @ivan134 Hey thanks for the reply first of all but on seeing the specs i see how the base clock of gigabyte's card is more than that of sapphire's and on top of it its memory frequency too. (P.S. : i am not into overclocking so i have no information regarding sapphire's oc ability)

  4. 16 minutes ago, ttam said:

    It wouldn't work too great. It's doable but there would be issues. I have a guide in my sig showing you how to do it.

    But laptop drives are slow and highly recommend to install Windows fresh on a new drive, preferably a SSD

    Hey so will he be able to migrate his data too then,i.e., getting from his old to new pc?

  5. 3 hours ago, Curious Pineapple said:

    Intel's architecture is faster than what AMD currently has on sale on a per core basis. Where AMD has the advantage is Intel uses Hyper Threading to run 2 threads on one integer processor, and AMD has 8 integer processors. If you run the CPU's at 100% using just integers, AMD will give better performance. Intel have the advantage of having 8 floating point units, where AMD only have 4 on the 8 core processors. Game physics are mostly floating point, so more FPU's means more (floating point) computations at once, and better gaming performance. This is why an 8 core AMD is on par with an i5 in game performance. Most general use applications and OS's are working with integers only for most of the time. This gives AMD the edge with VM's and general multi-tasking.


    Thanks mahn though i guess ill have to learn a more about FPU thingy! 9_9

  6. 26 minutes ago, Curious Pineapple said:

    If you want VM's, then the best option may be an FX-83xx. In this case, more cores is better, and you'll probably get a whole build for just the cost of the i7 alone.


    Waiting a few weeks for the Ryzen launch may a better option though. Price drops on older hardware are likely, and there may be a lot of used parts up for sale as people upgrade.


    I run a game server on an A4-3300 with no problems, and run multiple VM's on my FX desktop. No need to drop all that money on an i7 for a web server and a VM host.

    Hey Just curious to know, isnt the per core performane of FX-83XX processors in no comparison with i7 cpu's esepecially 7700 and 6700k, i.e. dont hold even a competition against them. (the question is asked in the most polite manner and is just a question out of curiosity)

  7. do a hard factory reset and then connect it to your pc and configure it, go to the site mentioned in the manual and enter the specified password and sett the other stuff, no it is definately not a hardware issue.

  8. Just now, a2242364 said:

    Okay sweet, resetting router fixed it. Now where exactly do I download the proper firmware? it keeps saying I have the improper file or something when I try to upload firmware.

    select the correct hardware version and then download the firmware from dlink's website http://www.dlink.com/uk/en/support/product/dir-615-wireless-n-300-router

  9. 2 minutes ago, a2242364 said:

    yeah firefox doesn't work either. not sure why .. Also, if upgrading firmware doesn't fix the issue, is buying a new router my final option?

    ok i have one more solution, this should work, press the reset button on your router which should probabaly be at the bottom, then disconnect your router from the 'modem', then connect your router only to you pc via ethernet cable , then enter or over on the firefox once the router is up and running, if the login screen appears, good the next step ill tell you if the above works, if this doesnt work ur router is messed up then

  10. Just now, a2242364 said:

    dont have firefox, but IE doesn't work either.

    firefox i have had a Dlink wireless router two months back it wouldnt connect when through chrome, but firefox worked fine, download and try , it that doesnt work then go to cmd type ipcongif and check for default gateway and IPv4 address and i am assuming that your router in no way is connected to your modem 

  11. 1 minute ago, a2242364 said:

    ok random issue popped up. trying to access router settings to upgrade firmware, but i cant access chrome says site cannot be reached? any idea why?

    is your router connected to your PC first of all, if yes then just connect the router to your pc,i.e., the modem in no way should be connected to your pc or to your router, then try accessing !