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  1. my ping is the same on wireless and wired. http://imgur.com/a/gKPg7. I've tried every wireless channel. Does it even matter when I'm wired?
  2. Though every once in a while (once a week randomly) my ping would drop to around 20-30, so I know I am capable of this, as I should be. But 95% of the time, it's constantly at 70-80ms. I even pinged riot servers via cmd, and I get consistent 20-30. It's only in game where I dont. Ideas?
  3. It's when I'm playing league of legends lol. However, unlike my last router, my spikes don't happen when pinging my router via cmd.
  4. not tekksavy at all, can you explain how i can check?
  5. I should add, when I connect my computer directly to modem, I don't get any spikes. So it can't be a modem issue right?
  6. is there like an ELI5 rundown on how to configure settings for ethernet port?
  7. Upgraded to TP LINK w841n from dlink dir 615. The ping spikes aren't as intense anymore, but they are more frequent. Instead of spiking to 200 ish every few minutes, it spikes to 100 every 15 seconds. Can't play games when these spikes. I thought upgrading my router would do it, and people here told me so as well, but no dice. What could it be?
  8. not talking about raw speeds, im talking about ping spikes and occasional packet loss.
  9. If I buy a new router, from dlink dir 615 to TP-Link AC1750, will this fix my lag? Or is it strictly an ISP issue? I'm getting 30 download 5 upload.
  10. a2242364


    I don't think this applies to my revision. This is what I see: http://imgur.com/a/2P37k