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  1. Totally understand that! I'm hoping to do the same with the XS that replaced my dead 7. Best of luck to ya man
  2. Mine did the same thing after a few years of pretty hard use. My battery was really not doing so hot even before that though(I keep my phone on a wireless charger throughout most the day which is a bad habit but still. Even on my iphone 7 I had a case that added wireless charging) I replaced my battery with a cheap china battery which seemed to make this issue go away for a few months, it then died all together. It may be time for a replacement.
  3. Man it's been a long time since I've been on here! How's everyone doin?

  4. SO it's been awhile and hope this is the right place but here goes, need some assistance lol. I live stream, and I have a ton of hardware and sort of a strange setup, I'll try my best to explain and post some pictures. But I am having USB resource issues(running out) and it randomly axes hardware to make up for it. Please note: I am down to replace hardware, move things around usb wise, but the pc needs to stay behind me. I have a sit stand desk with my pc on a shelf behind me, and a long umbilical(that's what I call it) leading back to my tower. It works great, I have my 3 displa
  5. One life 7 Days to Die stream tonight! 7 PM mountain time :D


    I'll only post this once! I was told I need to branch out more when I play smaller games so here goes :D
    I am planning to stream from 7pm mountain time until I either die or get off and will start again tomorrow. I will be playing on a random gen solo game with the Warrior difficulty, taking time to engage the chat and just hang out.
    See you there I hope :)
  6. It wont connect with the proper adapter? I can't watch the video at work. I think I had this stand, or a similar one when I had my blue snowball, and you just need that adapter I mentioned.
  7. Something like this; https://www.amazon.com/CAMVATE-Female-Thread-Adapter-Microphone/dp/B01GYTGW3E/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1548778700&sr=8-5&keywords=mic+screw+adapter
  8. EVGA makes good psu's, I've used them a ton. I don't know what others are using these days but I have corsair in all my machines without issue. The Evga might still have warranty on it if you confirm it's bad. Even if you don't have a receipt or anything they'll probably still work with you on it. Sorry for the delayed response
  9. Have him make sure ALL the plugins are properly plugged in. If the PC was working before and hasn't been moved this is likely not the issue. I'd say its the PSU. If it was the CPU or really anything else you'd likely get some sort of response from the PC.
  10. Well in a sense if you don't replace the fans the card is already dead ey? In all seriousness, replacing the fans on some cards is just simply unplugging and re-plugging in new fans after taking off the cooler, some thermal paste and patience and you're good. Either way I completely understand. Just figured I'd recommend it, I replaced some fans on an old 680 back in the day, only cost like 20 bucks and brought the card back to life.
  11. Might want to look into what it might cost to replace just the fans or cooler on that 570, would probably save you some dough. You're on the right track for building the PC cheap. I've been working on a budget i7-3770k machine($200) for about 6 months after I finished my 4770k rig for under 500. It takes a lot of time but setting up notifications on craigslist, ebay, and facebook is a must. And make offers when you can, I got my 4770k machine for 300 before I added some things, when it was listed at 550 but had been posted for ages.
  12. I personally don't use those items, but use some common sense, do not build in your socks standing on carpet while rubbing your feet around. Ground yourself out as often as you can(touching conductive materials, most metals). Static WILL fry parts if it jumps to them. But in my experience is not extremely common as long as you don't doing dumb things.
  13. I always start with the ridiculously easy things first, I've seen the cables on the back of the connector come off and cause a lot of un-needed troubleshooting If nothing happens when he presses the power button and everything is properly plugged in, it is likely the power supply, might swap it with a known good one and try again. If you have fans/lights spin up it gets more complicated and would need a bit more info but we can get there ?
  14. Does anything spin up? Any lights? Have you tried shorting the power button contacts on the board?