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  1. yeah, but i need to change the motherboard too right?
  2. I Had a topic about this a long time ago but since then many thing changes. First thing, my budget when down from 3000USD to just 2000USD(With peripheral) Second, My part also going through a lot of changes.Because the availability of the part in Indonesia Here's the list : Corsair Carbide 400C Asus H170 Pro Gaming Intel Core i5 6600 Cryorig H5 Ulitmate Corsair vengeance LPX 16GB kit An MSI GTX1060 Gaming X (the 6gig version) Samsung 850 EVO 250GB (for the boot drive) WD Caviar Blue 2TB Corsair RM650X Windows 10 Home 64bit BenQ RL2455HM 24" Corsair Strafe RGB Silent Logitech G502 RGB Can someone Check this part list and give advice? Please? (btw this is for gaming) The reason i picked another cooler instead of the intel stock one is because in Indonesia (some of them) are very hot. my friend has a pc with a stock cooler that reach 100 degrees celcius.
  3. My Current setup includes: Razer Ouroboros, Razer Goliathus ( the mini version), Steelseries M500 and, Razer hammerhead V1. The Headset looks really really cool.
  4. My Rig currently have a 750ti in it. An upgrade will be really nice. My PC always running with older budget GPU so getting a recently released one is really cool
  5. No. only few people can talk proper english. some maybe can understand english but still few.. My self included because i spent most of my time in the net and games. but i sometime still messed up The Powercolor R9 390 is about 60 USD cheaper How powerful the power supply should be?
  6. i see a difference in the red surrounding the ultra text than in the rest of the picture.I think this is photoshopped
  7. i actually found one r9 390 Powercolor r9 390 8GD5 PCS+ it is cheaper than the 970
  8. i found one r9 290 but the brand i not familiar with 'power colour'?
  9. it's very hard to get one. This reseller is pretty much the most extensive shop in my town The other doesn't even have a GPU on sale
  10. The price gap from the 970 to 980 is too far the reseller i go doesn't have the r9 390
  11. it's harder to get a xeon than the core i7 or i5
  12. Indonesia with budget of approx. 2700 USD but in Indonesia the price of the component is more expensive than in the US
  13. This is actually my first pc build Any advice or suggestion? NZXT H440 Asus Z170 pro gaming Intel Core 17 6700k Corsair vengeance LPX 16 GB kit 2666mhz Asus 970 Strix 4GD5 Samsung 850 pro 256 GB (For boot drive) WD Black 2TB Seasonic G 750 Corsair H110i GTX Please give advice or suggestion for this