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  1. They can, if your in a residential zone and running a mining "Business", they most certainly can
  2. Watch power consumption, Visit facility, if full of GPU's, fine then evict, if not, carry on
  3. Good HHD for XBox 1

    Neither of those brands seem to make USB 3 Drives from what i can see, just SATA
  4. Good HHD for XBox 1

    I need a new HHD, I'm looking in the 5tb range, I thought i found a good one from seagate but it turned out to be an archive drive, My Xbox has issues loading the 3 1tb drives and the SSD i have so i just want to condense my HHD into 1
  5. Not usually no, It just so happens this time yes, Pai outright said he didn't care what the people wanted.
  6. "SUPER" junkfood?

    They do, Hostess dont but everyoen else does, Great Value ones are pretty damn good
  7. "SUPER" junkfood?

    Deep fried twinkies
  8. Cali is the worlds 6th largest economy, Any lawyer Comcast could hire would be outclassed
  9. Youtube dark mode finally on mobile

    God took them long enough.
  10. SO i cant use em on steam and i cant use em on my xbox? I'll rather have free warframe stuff thanks
  11. Smoking Barrels - LTT's Unnofficial Gun Club!

    The last Walther i shot it ate my webbing on my thumb, so no worries
  12. Want to buy buget phone

    I had a Moto G4 for nearly 4 years, and it was and still is a good phone, very durable with a nice rubber case