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  1. Thanks. I was able to register the Laptop with Lenovo support so hopefully they can resolve the issue directly. Will take a shot with one of your suggestions if not.
  2. Hi All, I bought a ThinkPad x1 Carbon 6th Gen late last year, was second-hand and very close to new condition, but I think this means I’m SOL with warranty on repairs. Anyway, my issue is with my ‘E’ key. Basically if I apply moderate typing force to the key, the keycap raises from the bottom and unclips, making typing at speed a nightmare. Inspecting the keycap it appears the bottom clips have worn away. Does anyone have any experience with replacement keycaps for this model of thinkpads? TIA
  3. This is my go to cheap-but-good-enough keyboard - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Logitech-K120-Keyboard-Windows-Linux/dp/B003PO22H2
  4. I saw/thought that too. Only thing I could think of is the reviewer wasn't used to the secondary Win key on the right hand side of the space bar and somehow didn't notice the left hand side one? If there are not any instructions and there are no obvious buttons/switches to turn it on, I guess it's entirely possible it is broken. I would personally return this Keyboard and get a basic Logitech keyboard for a much better overall experience.
  5. That's a fair move in this case From what I understand some MOBO's (I heard a Gigabyte one) are now going to be shipping B450 with Ryzen 3000 compatible BIOS. Might be worth looking into. I have the Same CPU with a x570 board and do somewhat regret it as the chipset fan is noisy.
  6. Only change I would consider is switching out the x570 board with a b450 one (with BIOS flashback) and get some 3600MHz RAM with the $$ saved (Low latency 3200 MHz would be fine too).
  7. Would be cool to see some reviews of System76 products - https://system76.com/ The laptops are especially popular and would be good to get some more linux content out to the masses!
  8. Just tagging into this, I've also cancelled the floatplane subscription via the forum, and I can't see how to resubscribe on the floatplane site as my sub still appears active. Will this affect my ability to receive the benefits offered of subscribing prior to the full switch over?
  9. Yeah I actually went back as I thought I'd missed the discussion in the first instance. Really liked the LTX announcement though!
  10. Just wondering, why a laptop specifically and not another device designed to stream content? Would be more cost effective to use a device like a Fire TV stick for ~£50.
  11. Yes, you should peel it off. No, there shouldn't be any lasting damage, at worst it may have melted slightly.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. On further inspection the s3 does look rather large!
  13. The s3 does look good! It's a bit of both, I mostly use watches as jewelry, but the techie in me likes the best of both worlds!
  14. Hi Recently moved to the Pixel 2 from the iPhone and I'm now looking for a smart watch to go with it. There are seemingly so many options out there I'm not sure what to go with. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Mine is a three way tie between - 2015 Macbook Pro IE80's at 50% off Box of Kleenex next to my desk during this cold