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  1. So I have 2 really old SSD's that are in RAID0. The drives are fine but the motherboard failed that's why I'm trying to get the data. I was running Windows 10 on it if that makes a difference. I've used ReclaiMe Raid Recovery to get the RAID information and UFS Explorer Raid Recovery to Build the Virtual Raid given the sector size and which disk was first. Now, I can see my files through the virtual raid using UFS Explorer and I've also tried copying some files and it worked fine, but I'm trying to figure out how to create an image/iso of the raid array so I can mount it in Windows or see it in Disk Management. The reason why I want the image/iso is because I want to actually clone it to a single SSD using like Macrium or something. I have software on that RAID that I would like to use, and I don't think copy pasting that software would make it work. Thank you!
  2. Depends what "all games" means for you. For AAA like game titles you might want to get the GTX1080 to be able to consistently get 60fps on "all games mostly AAA".
  3. I personally have the Sony MDR1000 but that's cause I got it for a really cheap price. On that note, I'm not saying it's bad. I love it, it's my first noise cancelling headphones. I've also tried the QC35, the bose is definitely more comfortable but looks wise they're both ok to me. I'm not an audiophile of any kind, for me the mdr1000 sounds great and the battery is amazing as well. I heard the PXC 550 can get sweaty around the earl. It's also a design that's not for everyone. You can't go wrong in terms of noise cancelling tho, but I heard (again not an audiophile) that sennheiser is best when it comes to sound quality.
  4. If you can clone it that would be great. I just did a clone on an 8.1 recently as well on a friend's old laptop, but that depends on how much space is the new drive and how much is she using
  5. Any SSD will usually do, especially if it's an old laptop. Then it just depends on brand preference. I like the evo, definitely my first choice for an ssd.
  6. Yeah these z77 boards are going out. I just sold my old z77 extreme4 and it got sold pretty quickly. If all the motherboards you can find are $300+ maybe you can sell your 2500k and get like a 4th gen i5 and a z97 board for the same price?
  7. Kinda important. Sometimes they're already on the case tho, with some extra ones depending on your motherboard size. Which case do you have? Can you take a picture of it?
  8. It's a nice console, but I'd say wait around Christmas time for some bundles if any
  9. Couldn't be different tho, considering the shortage of DDR4 memory? Don't get me wrong, I'd like it to be cheap cause I want to upgrade my old server, but it may not be as big considering that some people realize that most computers pretty much last a very long time. Also, the difference in power consumption from DDR2 to DDR3 is huge compared to DDR3 to DDR4, which could be a reason why some companies might not upgrade just yet.
  10. Pick whichever you want I bet you'd be happy with whatever route you go as long as you have a budget that you'd follow
  11. Not sure what else it would be. Last time I had a port-forwarding problem was when I didn't know what a double NAT was and I had it LOL Maybe just try creating the server over again?