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  1. I currently have a Rapoo E9090 keyboard (2nd hand) and I would love a RGB keyboard, but they are so damn expensive
  2. Well, it crashes more often than arch and it has some repo's whcih arent up to date with arch ones, so it will be mostly fine in day to day use, but you are missing out on some major updates for example kernel updates
  3. My advise is to just install a simple distro first like ubuntu or mint (maybe dualboot) then watch some youtube videos on basic tasks, but there is no better learning then by experience so my advise is just use it a lot and if you dont know something search on the web or ask on fora
  4. I agree with Azgoth 2 his explanation is very good, I might have one usefull addition for arch (which is my daily driver) there are a few forks that run just as well but offer much easier installation, namely: antergos (recommended) and manjaro (not so recommended) for a desktop environment I always use xfce since it is lightweight and very customizable after a lot of theming I was able to get it look like this (had to make my own gtk themes and xfwm theme and modify dockbarx themes)
  5. I can recommend arch linux as a lightweight distro, it is a bit more difficult then ubuntu etc. also go with xfce as desktop environment it is very slightly more resource drain then lxde but looks much better and is much more customizable, for easy arch install go with antergos (not manjaro it has some major issues) https://antergos.com/try-it/
  6. You could try using gparted to properly format them and then reuse them, since it is a linux program you either need linux or you can make use of the live cd: http://gparted.org/livecd.php just unplug every usb start gparted see what devicesare currently connected then plug in a usb and change it from the menu e.g. /dev/sda, then device create partition table and just reformat them with windows
  7. I would really much like to win one of these amazing ssd's to speed up my custom (android) rom building process.