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  1. tHe Admirer

    BO4 using more than 8gb Vram 1080p?

    I don't think the issue is with the game, as I am playing on a 1070 8GB and have not had a crash once... Maybe it's a driver issue, windows issue or even a card issue...?
  2. tHe Admirer

    Why did you buy an iPhone?

    I was seriously considering moving to the OnePlus 6, when I saw the costs of the new iPhones. I upgraded from a iPhone 7 Plus. When I got to the shop, I was playing with the Android phones and was instantly reminded why I never switched back, since testing the iPhone the first time. The reasons why I chose to spend my money on an iPhone again: 1. Smooth OS 2. New OS available to everyone, from launch 3. Everything just works out of the box 4. Easiest phone switch experience 5. I am happy with the camera 6. One of the best sounding speakers on a phone (See video from UT) 7. Bragging rights. :-P I went for the iPhone Xs Max, because I wanted the bigger screen.
  3. tHe Admirer

    persuade parents to let me get a server.

    Ask them if you can get a cheaper VPS first and them show them what you do with it. Once they see that, you can tell them that the VPS ins't fast enough anymore and that you would like their permission to get a server. Also, you can't use the word cloud, if your raspberry is running at home on consumer network gear and a home internet connection.
  4. If you want to play with and learn KVM/QEMU/Hyper-V, why not just rent a I7 server from hetzner and leave your pc for the gaming?
  5. tHe Admirer

    How fast is the LTT member's internet connection?

    Erm, what did you have before this?
  6. tHe Admirer

    4 Gamers 1 CPU Success

    Not sure if I am missing something, but why not use Raspberrys or Arduinos? Or is it because they need to play minecraft as well?
  7. tHe Admirer

    OWA not working after setting Self signed SSL

    Are you using http or https? Internal IP or external IP?
  8. Was the file, you tested with, an 8bit or 10bit file? On a side note, I used my i7 770k pc as plex server. I was unable to stream 4K content to my TV. Also buffering the whole time. So, did some research and ended up getting a HTPC with a GT 1030 in, because I needed 4K HVEC 10bit decoding. My setup is now perfect, using a Dell 3040 with I3 6100, 8GB ram and a GT 1030. I have tested numorous media players and they all failed at 4K. So, first of all, I would say the issue is with your TV and Xbox, but IIRC the Xbox should be able to do HVEC decoding.
  9. tHe Admirer

    How fast is the LTT member's internet connection?

    ~$135 100/50mbps Vodacom Fibre in South-Africa.
  10. tHe Admirer

    Spectrum Internet plan

    This. For us South-Africans, 100mnps at home is a fairly new thing, but its more than what we need. 4x phones, 1x 4K tv, 3x computers. I'm paying $135/month.
  11. tHe Admirer

    Dual CPU system RAM config?

    The 8GB sticks are the non-ECC sticks, which he says is working...?
  12. tHe Admirer

    Server as a gaming PC

    Yeah, keep us posted and ask if you have questions. I am sure the guys/gals will help with pleasure.
  13. tHe Admirer

    Server as a gaming PC

    If it's just for fun, follow those videos (using UnRaid). It will work and should be a nice learning curve. Wish I could play with toys like those.
  14. tHe Admirer

    Server as a gaming PC

    Will work the same. Also, if the server costs $1200, why not buy a gaming PC? Being in China, you should get the cheapest prices on computer components?
  15. tHe Admirer

    Server as a gaming PC

    Also, boot times for those R720 are long. Definitely doable though. Look at the Linus videos: 2 Gamers, 1 CPU and 7 Gamers, 1 CPU. Sounds like this is what you want to do.