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  1. In the iJustine video tour of the LTT studio, Linus mentions that Jon has relocated to North Carolina but remains part of the writing team. Anyone know if that's a permanent move? I miss his hosting!
  2. i have to say every LMG employee is much smaller in person (at least compared to what I thought how tall they were) overall I liked it, but I wish it had more stuff to do. I think being there for 6 hours, you run out of stuff to do pretty quickly (which is why I challenged Edzel numerous times at CS:GO). Obviously, space is an issue and this was their first event, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. But going forward, if they ever look to expand it, I think more PC stations could be great, make it a little bit of a LAN event where people can compete with one another. I believe they had 10 razer laptops set up or so for overwatch and then the 4 CS:GO pcs. If they expanded that to 20-25 total I think that'd be great. other station ideas include: merch shop (they had laptops set up where you could order stuff from, but I wish I couldve bought stuff on-site to circumvent shippinh time and costs), more carnival-ish activites. You could knock down cans, but how about shooting targets w/ nerf weapons, maybe an RC car race. What I think couldve been cool, and not sure how feasible that is, to record a Channel Super Fun video on-site. I know they did, but what if there was an actual Channel Super Fun like activity, just with a crowd and maybe 1-2 viewer participation. Some of the past ideas (ikea race, chair race, burger competition) could also have worked as stations maybe. But for all I know they thought about all of these ideas and had to shut them down for various reasons. Overall a cool concept and it was a lot of fun to attend. The VIP tour was a lot of fun as well and it was very cool to just talk to linus and luke and the others even as well and I hope they continue hosting these. I hope I can attend future iterations as well!
  3. I came in through the Boltbus from Seattle (I flew in for a different event, LTX was just a convenient side-thing) But I do think Vancouver is pretty nice already (Tim Horton's donuts are legit)
  4. Man I'm so hype! First time in Canada, so hopefully I'll somehow manage to find my way
  5. it's not that they can't use a different ratio, but its so the tournament organizers know which kind of monitors to provide. it had been pretty inconsistent for a while
  6. Doubt it. A lot of pro players still use really old/bad resolutions because they are used to them, in CS:GO especially. Pros have gotten used to it in Dota, but if you aim half your life in 4:3, then you're probably going to stick to it. In dota 2, the pros also agreed on 1080p 24" monitors to be the standard for all premier events IIRC.
  7. Flying in from Germany! (Well I had to fly out to Seattle anyway, so this is a nice side-trip) EDIT: also VIP was supposedly sold out at first but was available later. Bought 2 tickets now (1VIP + 1 Big Package), forgot the shirt on one. Hopefully that'll be resolved later
  8. The Razer Blade Stealth would be amazing to have, currently I'm still lugging around my Macbook Pro from 2008, so being able to upgrade that to a much lighter option would be fantastic!
  9. I recently upgraded my rig from no SSD to a 500GB one and it's such a blessing. As a gamer and content creator, I would never be able to go back to the "speed" of HDDs. Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro is just a hundred times smoother now. Can only recommend !
  10. thanks! figured, im quite surprised its doing well so far anyway
  11. Hey guys, first post here! So I only recently got into this whole pc building thing, very recently (through Linus' videos, which is why I'm here) I've been reading up a lot on multiple things but I thought I should ask here first before I do anything rash. 4 years ago I bought a build off of a list I found online for roughly 700€ which has served me quite well at the time and up until now. My CPU and Motherboard bid farewell so I upgraded. My current rig reads Intel Xeon E3-1231v3 Asus Z97-AR Asus GTX 750TI 2024MB 1072 MHz Kingston HyperX 16GB RAM (1600MHz, DDR3) PSU 400W Modular 80+ Bronze 2 Samsung SSDs All running on Windows 10. Now the question is, should I upgrade my GPU? Which I bought only a few months ago to give my computer a bit more juice. I'm not entirely sure if these components get me the best performance really (I want to edit a bit, nothing high quality just vlogs, as well as game a bit. Mostly Dota 2 and CSGO, but also The Division when it comes out, Just Cause 3 and possibly GTA V and Farcry 3 - not necessarily at max settings, but itd be nice. Although I dont want to buy a graphics card where my cpu would be the bottle neck) I tested Dota so far, 60 FPS which is cool, better than what I got from my old setup, but I'm curious if the 750ti is still solid or if I should upgrade. Also because I want to run a dual monitor setup and preferably not use DVI (and it has only 1 HDMI and 0 Displayport outputs...) I've been checking on videocardbenchmark.net and on some of Linus' videos and the 750ti seems like one of the better cards for its cost, but performance value isnt rly my biggest concern (although I would prefer it if i didnt have to spend any money obviously). So should I upgrade and if so, to which one? I've looked at the 960, which is supposed to be good performance/value as well, but if I do spend some money now (granted I just bought the 750ti basically), wouldnt it make more sense to go a step further than that? Hopefully this wasnt too big of a rant, thank you for taking the time to read this! (also now I wonder if i shouldve asked before even buying mobo and cpu)