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  1. Just took possession of my 10,000$ processor. Now I need to grab a drill and some epoxy
  2. Is there gonna be a 2019 version of this?
  3. Picked it up DoA on ebay. lol, I'd vaguely like to preserve the die
  4. I am planning to splitting the plex server off the storage server because sometimes I've got 8 clients and some of them are downresing 4K to SD
  5. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/OddOod/saved/#view=WmWvWZ
  6. The other question is: Should I delid it?
  7. Yeah, its 76.0mm x 56.5mm (~3"x2")
  8. I'm currently running a 1080ti with an AIO water cooler backed by a 8700k (4.7GHz OC) and gaming on an LG 4K 60Hz IPS monitor. On games from 2016 (Division) I'm getting 100FPS and with more modern games (Farcry 5) I'm all the way down to 50FPS. I want to upgrade to this unholy beast and I'm wondering if there is anything on the market that can drive it to its full potential. Would an EVGA watercooled 2080ti be sufficient? Or would I need to go full insane and get a Titan RTX? (I've got a line on one for a mere 2kUSD) Or am I just SOL? Is 4K 120Hz gaming just a pipe dream on modern titles?
  9. I have an Intel Xeon Platinum 8176 that I'd like to turn into a keychain. Every tutorial I've been able to find is either for super old CPUs or they put a hole very close to the edge of the PCB which I have had bad experiences with. I have previously made my first SSD into a keychain, but it snapped off my keyring very quickly. I'm also open to other projects I could do with this chip.