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  1. Thanks BenHBDT for your explaination, as a microbiological analyst/technician I couldn't agree more. This is absolutely true, I have a lot of experience with bacteria that live on and near humans. Most (dare I say all) bacteria on our phone are the bacteria that live on our skin, and are totally harmless to us. About the Escherichia coli, most likely true, however the agar luke used looks like bouillon agar (broth agar, not sure if any other names are used for this agar), and this a general growth medium, if the temperature in the server room was approx 37-40 centigrade (celcius) it is most likely a stain of E. coli. However bacteria like Salmonella thypi and S. parathypi A look the same on this agar, but grow at lower temperatures.
  2. I'd pick blacks over any of the other "common" switches. I myself are a very heavy handed typer. A year ago I bought my first mechanical after trying blacks blues red and browns, a Steelseries 6Gv2 black switches. When I just got the keyboard, and was getting used to it, I managed to accidentally press the keys while resting my fingers on it (even with the 60 gram actuation). If I'd switch to a lighter switch I would probably press keys accidentally really often... Yesterday though, my 6Gv2 retired, and I switched to an even heaver switch, Greens <3 So basically, I think the reason blacks are least favorite is because of how heavy they are, I happen to love it, I guess most people dont.
  3. I tried both the beta and the latest stable driver. Thanks for your help.
  4. does the picture work now? probably not, when I unplug the monitor, this weird flickering screen just moves to my second monitor. And I can still control the music with my mediakeys.
  5. this problem occures randomly lately. My screen gets blanc, with all these lines and starts flickering. (photo) my gpu is a Sapphire Radeon HD 7750 my screen is a Medion 1600*900 lcd about 2 years old. the OS it self does not stop, I can still alt tab (the colours of the lines change) en sound keeps playing. only way to fix it is a reboot. anyone know what could be wrong?
  6. Super Awesome :) Twitter share @joey1203 : https://twitter.com/Joey1203/status/340526202005622784
  7. mkey... not sure if trolling, or people are getting mad ^^
  8. You coud use a sata to usb adapter and back up your entire system to the drive, but I wouldn't recommend copying the entire OS.
  9. you sir, are a master sleepwalker !!
  10. brainwaves alpha.. about $20, though quality is good :)
  11. Ahh I wish you good luck, I wish I could move to England too some day :)