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  1. I haven't purchased music online in a LONG time so I have no clue who allows you to buy in FLAC. + 1 to Foobar2000
  2. Audio-Technica ATH-CKS55BK
  3. LOL. I was going to mention loopback but now that we got that figured it out. +1 for gaymen headsets
  4. Could be. +24dB on your amp sounds like rape.
  5. I would've gotten rid of them even if they weren't malfunctioning. It is time for real headphones.
  6. I didn't know headphones let you see a difference.
  7. That is how you get the sound isolation though.
  8. Interesting. Good to know this. Is a 770 worth it over a 760 with the $200~ price increase? Or would OC'ing a 760 give somewhat similar performance while saving me some money?
  9. No. I suggest you get better headphones as Headsets don't have the greatest sound quality.
  10. I was looking at some internal cards that are named PCI or something.
  11. Probably could. I don't actually own an ipad mini. This thread was a test.
  12. 8/10 bretty good :D just know open headphones mean that they will leak sound so closed is what you want if you dont want your headphones to leak sound.
  13. pls recommend a sound card for my ipad mini.