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  1. The cable http://www.miniinthebox.com/2x3-5mm-single-track-male-to-3-5mm-dual-track-male-audio-cable-black-for-musical-recording-1-5m_p713682.html?currency=USD&litb_from=paid_adwords_shopping&gclid=COjxiueJ0rwCFczm7Aodi0cAiA does not work as a replacement for the silverado. The cable from the silverado uses middle conductor of the jack to carry the audio, so normal splitter cables do not work. If you want a replacement then you'll need to buy it from the CHC, any other cord won't work.
  2. thanks, that will do. I tried several searches and couldn't figure out what this type of splitter is actually called. Ideally you want a cable with as low friction as possible because with tight-fit closed headphones if it brushes against something then all the noise will travel into the headphones, like the yogurt-cups cord telephone thingy. And for that this cable is one of the worst designs anyone could ever think off. How can you guys not notice this? There's so much noise it drives me insane. Right now the only way I can appreciate music is if I sit perfectly still. The microphone is too "good" for the enclosure, the enclosure sucks so noise is travelling through it and given the high sensitivity of the microphone it will create a very faint but still noticeable echo, as if I was in a bathroom or something. This makes the microphone omnidirectional, which is terrible because it'll always pick up slightly heavier keystrokes, and I still use a membrane keyboard. I need to use teamspeak's noise cancellation and echo reduction on top of realtek's noise cancellation and echo reduction, and that is after having put the microphone inside a glove in order to dampen sound, so I'm heavily degrading sound quality for it to be remotely useful. Why anyone recommends this microphone is beyond me, it's really terrible. Just so you have an idea, the first time I tried it it was actually picking up the sound leak from the silverados, that's how sensitive it is. But the money won't be entirely wasted as I'm going to glue this to the ground and use it to measure earthquakes on the other side of the planet. I think it'll be a fun project. With that said please never recommend this microphone to anyone ever again. Maybe they don't notice it because their friends don't tell them, but it picks up everything and while it transmits what you're saying very clearly it will also transmit everything else people don't want to be hearing over teamspeak.
  3. again, it won't. it's 3.5 to 2.5mm. thanks for suggesting this crappy setup and then laughing afterwards. it's been really helpful.
  4. It's a 3.5mm to 2x 2.5mm cable. The specifications only mention the 3.5mm end because the other end is for the H-83380 headphones. A better microphone than headphones? No, I require both to be at least decent and something like a siberia v2 would give me a decent mic and decent headphones. Either way right now I have the silverados, which have worse sound quality than the siberia due to the insane amount of noise, and the zalman mic-1 which is also much much worse than the siberia's mic for the reasons already specified. So now my options are waste 35€ on a modmic and 15€ on a replacement cable for the silverados (if I manage to actually find one) and hope the problem will be fixed or I can just get a siberia v2 for the 50€ and I know the problem will be fixed but will have to throw away the 150€ I've already spent on the silverados+zalman mic1.
  5. I have the zalman and it's pretty much terrible even if you disregard the fact that it won't clip on to the cable on the silverados. It's just way too sensitive to be useful, if a dog barks on the other side of the block the mic will pick it up. I also notice a faint echo on it, probably due to build quality of the enclosure. The modmic is probably the only thing that can decently replace a headset's microphone, but if I'm paying 30$+ for a cheap microphone I might as well just get a headset. That isn't an option at all, that's 3.5mm to 2.5mm.
  6. the only ones I can find are normal splitter cables, I still haven't found one that splits into left and right. My problem with the cable is that since it's made of cloth it'll brush against my clothes and any slight movement will my head will make a lot of noise. That coupled with the problem of there not being any decent microphones for less than 30€ makes it a pretty crappy experience.
  7. has anyone found a replacement cable? the cable really sucks, I've put up with it for a few months but I'm thinking of just selling this and getting a siberia v2 if there aren't any better cables available, and I can't find any.
  8. So you basically want to die? Why would you want to meet someone who will not want to meet you and would just kill you? You don't even speak the same language.
  9. Oculus Joystick+Thruster Star Citizen Oculus will be amazing for games where your character is sitting down, mainly flight/space simulators and racing, and that's what I'm getting it for.
  10. Btw ixi, could you add another poll for people to say their timezones? From -12 to +12 (maybe with only the even numbers so it's not too big). I'm asking this because while 150+ people seems like a lot, it might not be. We could be looking at only 10 people concurrently online during "active" timezones.
  11. Really? You can be in several orgs? One more question for ixi then: Will active members be allowed to be in other orgs as well? Will the be a position for honorary members who remain on this org for purely social/casual reasons but are active on a different org? Again, you don't have to give these answers now, it's still months till dogfighting comes out and even longer till proper beta.
  12. Actually I find the exact opposite to be true. The larger the org the more flexibility will help organization and make it much easier. One thing that might help is have classes and have each group leader give ratings that depend on one's skill and in-game ships/etc. I could be a class B explorer, class C fighter, class C trader, class A engineer and Class 0 miner. Each rating given out by the group leaders which would enable the squad leaders to more easily structure a party.
  13. They are different jobs, but from what I understood each group is supposed to act practically independent from each other, which doesn't make sense since they should be dependent and working with each other. My problem is with how viable is it for a miner to be just a miner and not a miner+explorer+engineer all at the same time? Is dividing into groups beneficial when each person can have multiple roles beneficial? I don't think so. Also, will it make it easier to organize the clan or will it do the opposite? I don't think having people in different groups will make it easier to quickly put together a squad for an exploration/mining mission. Here's what I propose: High council - 3 members, 1 for each time zone. Group Leaders - 3 members, 1 for each time zone. Squad Leaders - As many as needed. Everyone else - literally everyone else. I imagine we will work in squads, with more than one type of ships, be it miners+explorers+military or military+traders or anything really. Group leaders would be managing how well each "sector" of the org, basically doing secretarial work. There's no point in trying to lead the miners or traders or the military as a group, because if the game works in squads then what'll happen is whenever there's people on someone will ask "anyone wants to go explore?" and someone else will say "sure, I can take my <insert ship here> for guard duty". Dividing it up into actual groups will just introduce needless bureaucracy. However, keeping track of the clan's capabilities, number of ships, stuff farmed, who can do what, etc. will be required. It will also be necessary to eventually raise money to buy a better ship for particular missions, and it'll be the explorer's job to say, for example, "We don't have any starfarers for long exploration missions, we need to use X org cash to buy it. The ship will be given to person Y because so, so and so." Each squad will require a leader, and this leader would just be someone who organizes the squad and leads the mission. Someone who says "For this we need X people for guard duty, at least one of Y-type ships and one miner. I suggest we go to that system." This wouldn't be a special position within the clan, it's just a position that needs to be fulfilled. Someone who knows what they're doing needs to take the lead and as such those people need to be distinguished for purely organizational purposes. The high council or the group leaders wouldn't necessarily be in charge in a mission, no matter how big it is. The best tactician of the clan might just be a squad leader. However, the high council would be responsible to regulate any problems within the clan as well as choose the direction for the clan to take. Everyone else would be in the same big group and roles would be defined for each mission. In term of special engineers/crafters it could be decided by the group leaders/high council because chances are there will be some rare recipes or plans or whatever and a dedicated org engineer will be required. It would also be beneficial to have a different dedicated engineer for each type of crafting, so if one leaves or stops playing the losses will be minimized. People would pay taxes to the clan, and maybe clan organized mission could donate an additional % of their profit, and this would be used to get those patterns/designs, actual ships or just outfitting existing ships to improve the squads' performance. I just don't see how dividing everyone in groups will be beneficial for the clan. It will just make it harder to organize missions and it will end up being really confusing the moment people start having more than one type of ship because you will no longer be tied down to a single group. I say this because even in simpler games like minecraft, which seems like it would make sense to divide people into gatherers, builders and warriors, this type of structure ends up actually being irrelevant and bypassed. I've found that, in all the games I played so far, having key people that know what they're doing and are capable of leading a mission is all that's needed. Once you have that person it's easy to look at the pool of current online players and form a party for whatever type of mission it is. Regarding the piracy part. The direction of the clan just needs to be decided. Either we're all pirates or none of us are. There's not much point in having a group dedicated to piracy since everyone else would be labelled as such. Also, it's easier to turn an honest org into pirates than pirates into an honest org, so I'd say start as a normal org and decide after the clan has matured. I didn't want to discuss this now because Ixi's idea might be better and I just didn't understand the reasoning, maybe even the view I have for a clan is simply different than his or my opinion can be simply unwanted, but now I can't help thinking about it. Anyway, this is my opinion on how to structure an organized yet flexible org.
  14. Basically, I don't see why it's better to be dividing the "production" groups when they should be working very closely together. They could be divided, but right now each group seems pretty much independent of each other. Either way, there's not much use discussing this without ixi's answers.
  15. Thanks. You don't have to answer them all now or even give a definite answer.