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  1. Jake.T

    What Do You Use Your PC For?

    Programming, editing photos with Photoshop, housing my media library and gaming! Of course web browsing and anything else really. It's my main PC!
  2. Jake.T

    BIG Sound problem! >:(

    However most intake fans are usually wanting to be directed at a warm component, like a GPU. Or they will be trying to push air through a drive cage which will prohibit airflow. Also fans like Noctua NF-F12's are quiet and undervolt well also.
  3. Jake.T

    PSU for GTX 650 Ti Boost

    I run a 450W XFX model with an OC FX 6300 and an OC 650ti also. 450 is easily enough,
  4. Jake.T

    Thoughts On This Fx-6300 Build?

    Pretty similar to mine. I have an XFX PSU though and a Non boost Ti as it wasn't available when I built mine... I would recommend you choose a Noctua cooler as they perform fantastically for the money especially when undervolted. Great choice with the DirectCUII cooler for the card also. They keep quiet and perform well. http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Jake90087/saved/XcY My build is there for reference.
  5. Jake.T

    BIG Sound problem! >:(

    To be honest Noctua make the best fans. Even if they are ugly... Silverstone Air penetrators perform well and are quiet also. LNA and ULNA adaptors do worlds for noise also... But can reduce airflow. Get some good SP fans and run them slowly.
  6. Jake.T

    Troll level: Linus

    Laughed my ass off at that point in the stream, and how Linus stayed for that bit only!
  7. I would love this very much! Big thank you to Intel and Gigabyte for making it happen! Just got a Gigabyte motherboard for my recent build also. :)
  8. Jake.T

    Can it be Possible or Not?? need Help here..

    I may sound stupid... But the 660 is fast... Especially in SLI... Is PhysX really that important to you?
  9. That is completely fine. Might want to check for dust though... Or re thermal paste the card if you are feeling adventurous. But seems fine to me, a friends 570 hits that a lot.
  10. I pay about $100/mo for this. Includes unlimited bandwidth and calls though. If that helps... I have the fastest in my area. It's typically 1Mb down... This is why I don't rely on the cloud! It's a business class line so solid... But slow...
  11. Jake.T

    2560x1440 Surround with 3D all rolled into 1

    It's more of Cabling as Profquast stated. To push all of those pixels requires insane bandwidth. To transmit 3D you need double the bandwidth of 2D I believe. When cables and interfaces catch up there will be a market for it.
  12. Jake.T

    7970 or 680?

    7970 and OC it. I would recommend the Asus DirectCUII Model with the huge cooler to keep it cool under loads. The system is quiet also, very so. However Cuda on the Nvidia side is always a bonus for computing. Gaming I would say the 7970, for general usage the 680.
  13. Jake.T

    What mobile phone do you use?

    iPhone 4 after my iPhone 4S was 'taken' from me... Now waiting until January 2014 when I have an upgrade and can see what's happening with BB10.
  14. Jake.T

    What SSD brand should i get?

    If money isn't really an option then go for an Intel, however I have been running a Samsung SSD 840 for a while in my rig and it's great. Samsung make all of their own parts and have had good reliability over the past few years. Most SSD's should last a while with optimizations. However try not to keep benchmarking it. ;)
  15. Nvidia Quadro NVS 140M currently sitting in my Thinkpad T61. Until about a year ago it was a Geforce Go FX 5200 on my *old* laptop. However I gave it to a friend a while ago...