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  1. IAnthonyFX

    Looking for fairly cheap laptop [US]

    Us, ,1000,6h, I don't think I care much about the display so long it isn't a TN panel.
  2. Hey I am looking for a laptop with an i5 8th gen, up-gradable ram, no need for gpu, 1080p, 15 inch, fairly portable preferable with usb type C charging. Any leads for such laptop? The lowest the better for price.
  3. IAnthonyFX

    Is Android pay secure?

    I was 'scammed' with my andriod pay, someone got access to my google account and made lots of purchases in the google store (~4000 usd). But your bank does protect you anyways if there is any fraudulent transactions. It is relatively safe, but make sure first you google account is very well protected. And if you can avoid it, do not allow for NFC payment.
  4. IAnthonyFX

    Looking for fairly cheap laptop [US]

    Looks like a very well priced beast. Thank you for putting this on my radar.
  5. IAnthonyFX

    stupid GPU question

    what would happen if I connect both ends of an HDMI cable to the same GPU?
  6. IAnthonyFX

    stupid GPU question

    yes, those are the ones I have bought but it will take a few days to arrive. I just dont have better use for HDMI cables
  7. IAnthonyFX

    stupid GPU question

    it is just that my HDMI ports are rusting so I wanted to seal them with the cable, I just didnt wanted to short circuit anything.
  8. IAnthonyFX

    Is this a good idea?

    oh i see, i think you would be best to make another post with already set budgets when the time comes. People here are very helpful
  9. IAnthonyFX

    Is this a good idea?

    are you planning or willing to consider used hardware? what sites should we use to base our recommendations for your case?
  10. IAnthonyFX

    MySpace admits losing 12 years of music

    You are giving the normal people too much credit.
  11. were is my 1440p 144hz content at?
  12. IAnthonyFX

    Amazon sued..... by Brazil and Peru

    Amazon is trying to get the right of '.amazon' domain. However, Peru and Brazil demands that such domain should be free as it the name of the famous jungle. Amazon is appealing to these countries by... well.. given their kids Kindles, electronic books and web services which they say are worth 5 million USD (Source in Spanish: Elcomercio.pe) Both demanding parties are looking for other countries with Amazon territory to join their efforts, so the court case is being delayed. Link of the article in spanish: https://elcomercio.pe/economia/mundo/peru-lucha-amazon-jeff-bezos-derechos-nombre-dominio-internet-noticia-617616
  13. IAnthonyFX

    Free Steam Game (Grid 2 + 2DLC packs)

    someone posted that already in a different sub-topic
  14. IAnthonyFX

    Grid 2 for Free on Humble Bundle (until 3/17 10AM PST)

    site is up again!
  15. IAnthonyFX

    Grid 2 for Free on Humble Bundle (until 3/17 10AM PST)

    The humble bundle site is down tho https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/humblebundle.com.html
  16. well, in other countries like mine vaccination is considered to be a civil duty. As it allows for herd immunity, that way we protect the elderly or people which are immunodeficient as they can't get vaccinated. Also, not vaccinating your kids is considered minor child endangerment.
  17. IAnthonyFX

    Planning to buy a new phone any ideas

    You could buy a used fair condition s8 or s8+ in sites like swappa for around 200-250. Have a look dude, that or save up some more dollars for a poco-phone F1 as it truly is a good phone
  18. IAnthonyFX

    Best way to transport gaming pc

    I flight with my PC (mini itx inside a Phanteks TG case) I have a DRP3 cooler. all I do it put clothes inside. Cover the tempered glass with some more clothes. And pack my 27 inch monitor in another bag along side lots of clothes in the top of the screen. I have done this maybe 8 times in the past 2 years. I am talking long flights, it is all fine with it never had issues. But a laptop is always easier, recently i just begun to travel with a alienware r5.
  19. IAnthonyFX

    What are some Tips for the SAT

    In singapore is Stupid American test
  20. IAnthonyFX

    Gtx 1060 not working

    did you have another gpu previous this one? if so erase you graphics drivers and download them from nvidia
  21. IAnthonyFX

    Gtx 1060 not working

    yep that should do it, read page 29 (1-19) https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/B1xCMClXgyS.pdf
  22. IAnthonyFX

    100% Disk Usage while Gaming

    exactly what Mira said. if you can allow yourself to, try to get some more ram just any extra 4gb stick will do for you. which go for about 20 usd shipped in ebay (if you are from the US) otherwise consider buying used local or sites like aliexpress
  23. I am currently doing research on spaciotemporal microbial evolution on antibiotic landscapes, such type of experiments greatly befit from being continuously photograph every few hours. I have been doing preliminary tests using a C920 webcam but I had to mount the camera in a weird angle in order to fit my 2x1 feet plate on frame. I came across this F100 genius camera with an advertised 120 degree field of view, which is more than enough to mount it perpendicular to my plate given my Y-axis space limitations. But reading amazon reviews, it turns out the image quality is sub-par. Are there alternatives to this webcam? It doesn't need to be sold in amazon, ebay is good too for instance. I am currently located in the US.
  24. So I ordered a Blue mic from Amazon the other day, and I have seen it have a USB B connector but the one I got has a mini USB connector instead. Is it real or is it an updated/old version of the snowball iCE?
  25. IAnthonyFX

    Blue snowball iCE counterfeit or different version

    I have been awfully unsuccessful at finding anything about it. Amazon is sending me a new one just in case. But gosh, it is very concerning. With that being said, i like the sound of the mic. However, the 'real' one could better and there is no way for me to know.