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  1. Total fail, the motor isn't strong enough got the incline and the disk brakes are poorly designed. I think I will end up going for a bike instead
  2. i just bought a gotrax v2 myself. Will see if it holds up, i only commute 2 miles each way and there is one massive hill (10 degrees), will let you know. But it is 260~ including taxes in amazon.
  3. Don't get all that defensive. It is people's opinion, and people are allowed to talk about that and how they feel. No one denies the success of LTT now. However, it is silly no to say that the channel is way different compared to what it used to be for well over a year. Change is always sad for some people, I include myself on that.
  4. so maybe a SB6183 for 35 dollars. and a NETGEAR Nighthawk AX4 4-Stream WiFi 6 Router (RAX40) - AX300 for like 130? or more modestely a ASUS Wireless-AC1700 for like 80 dollars?
  5. Thank you for reaching out again. It seems they provide this list of supported devices https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://mediacomcable.com/compatible-retail-modems/&ved=2ahUKEwjbhoT45pXmAhUOsJ4KHV__BvQQFjALegQIARAB&usg=AOvVaw3MlgzdkVad15BdzYjxKeD8 I truly do not know anything about modems or routers. When I first made a post I thought routers and modems where the same thing as I have apparently only been exposed to modem + router combos. It also seems to be that I cannot do much with a 100 dollar budget. I want a reliable connection, I don't want to have to turn my modem/router on and off to fix things. And ideally I could connect via USB a harddrive to access to movies easily. What would you advice me to get, either a modem + router combo or separately, what devices should I get? I am willing to increase my budged to around 200 dollars but the less the more comfortable I would feel.
  6. I will be using mediacom in iowa city for a connection of 100mbps in a 650 sqft (60m2) apartment. Trying to get rid of the rental fee and looking to spend less than 100 dollars, the least the better. If possible it would be great for it to have a usb port for sharing a drive. I will only have 1 PC, 2 laptops, 2 phones connected to the internet and maybe a tv. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. Currently I use a Huawei mate 9 64gb. I like the battery, the only reason I want to upgrade is because I have been using for half a year it with an awfully shattered screen and I am not getting any updates
  8. Should I get a motorola one action (128gb for 250 usd) or a pixel 3a (64 gb, 300 usd). I just one a decent phone for the next 3 years.
  9. meanwhile I am trying to buy 2 but it does not let me. there should no be any import fees on things under 200 usd tho
  10. Thank you for your advice. I tend to be cheap ass but I think I will follow your directions and get something a little bit nicer, regardless I will still save money on the long run as they char 11 bucks monthly for their router rental.
  11. I am an idiot, my internet connection will be 100mbps not gigabit (internet in the US is stupid expensive for some reason)
  12. I will be moving soon and mediacom seems to be th cheapest option for internet connection where I will be. I was wondering what router I should buy that was sub 100 dollars the cheaper the better but something that isn't totally bad (my internet connection will be 100mbps). The apartment is less than 700sqft
  13. I was thinking on that, I have just no clue how expensive it is to ship my pc and monitor. I certainly fear driving for 12 hours as an inexperience driver never thought U-haul could be an option for inter-sate moves. Thank you so much for the lead!
  14. Hello guys, I am moving this late December to Iowa from Colorado. I got maybe 2 suitcases plus an small suitcase full of clothes and personal belongings plus an ITX PC and a 27 inch monitor. I was wondering how should I move, the cheaper the better. I might end up having a driver's license by the middle of december and I am a 21 year old male so I do not even know if renting a car is possible in the US given my situation. Any leads would be great, driving would be around 12 hours 850 miles trip. thank you for your time
  15. What is up with honey now that they are sending spam like that. I thought they were a decent company.
  16. it isn't just that you know I have all my other stuff with me and I rather travel light than with all my stuff. I just care for a reasonable price i could ask for to sell my machine
  17. It seems it will be a headache to move around with all my stuff. I have. I7 8700k MSI itx z370 mobo Gtx 1080ti msi Duke Cooler master RGB fans everywhere Be quiet dark rock pro 3 cooler Corsair rmx 1000 PSU Custom cables 16gb ram @2999 500 mvme Samsung SSD 960 2tb SSD mx500 All in a shitely modded phantex entho itx I live in Colorado if that helps. How much should I ask for my PC?
  18. Back at home I do.end up using like 30gb a month. But there that is cheap relative to in the US. In my experience of phone service less life in the US I have had no real need for internet as I behave myself with it more. At home I have a decent 100mbps connection and in campus we got something like a 600mpbs so besides used on rare occasions when sending messages to my gf I find no use on phone internet. I do need however a phone number as it is mostly a hassle to explain to professors why I don't have one. Tello seems good so far if it uses Sprint network. Will wait a few days until I have seen a few other options. Thank you for your help guys
  19. How about Tello? Seems decent for cheap prices though I am unsure about coverage and their costumer service
  20. I don't what are some cheap just phone and SMS (no need to be unlimited) preferably pay-as you go system for a simcard in the US. I find it ridiculous how much a phone plan can cost here while everywhere I been offer 10gig 4g plans for 7 dollars a month. Cheap to me means below 10 dollars a month. I would think coverage is important too, I live in Colorado springs. Any leads would be appreciated.
  21. I want to buy a 100 ish blue switches tentkeyless keyboard, preferably with a detachable cable. any advice?
  22. understandable dude ^^! Just dont be silly enough to jeopardize your wallet later down the road.
  23. how about anything that does not make you get a lawsuit and hinders your chances to get a new job~~~ you know something crazy like that.