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  1. I never really understood why Chrome got so popular in the first place. Even with the average person that doesnt even know multiple webbrowsers exist. I've always used Firefox and never been tempted to go over to Chrome.
  2. Witcher 3 was not a buggy mess, so I assume they know what they are doing.
  3. I would buy this.. if only Samsung was better with their software support for Android. This goes a long way towards a more "sustainable" phone that you can keep for longer due to battery replacement.... But sadly that only works if you also get sufficient software updates.
  4. For an entry level gaming system, I heard the RX470 is very good for the money. But if you are going used, depends on what you can find of course.
  5. Yeah good choice. I dealt with a Dell Precision workstation recently and EVERYthing on those boards is proprietary. What a nightmare. You would not be able to connect a standard PSU to it, you would need the PSU from that model of prebuilt, which could be very expensive to buy on Ebay, if you can find it at all. Better cut your losses and deal with standard parts.
  6. Yeah.. I don't know why they would be cheaper.. Nvidia has zero incentive to make their cards cheaper, as long as AMD does not offer anything high end. At least AMD can compete in the midrange, 5700XT is a decent performer. But the 3080Ti will likely still be SUPER expensive.
  7. This news is a couple of weeks old at this point but... Apple has recently released new Bootcamp drivers under Windows 10 for its recent Macbook Pro's (and presumably other models as well). This FINALLY includes new AMD Graphics drivers for the Vega Pro 20 (which I have personally), and other AMD cards as well I presume. The previous drivers officially released with Bootcamp were from mid 2018 if I am not mistaken. The new drivers are dated 11/21/2019, so they appear to be based on November 2019 release of AMD Adrenalin drivers. Driver version is 26.20.13001.33012. Compared to even the August 2019 release of bootcampdrivers.com, I notice an incredible boost in performance in a variety of games. So finally some good news for support of Macbook Pro's under Bootcamp from Apple!
  8. True, it seems like most people love to have a cheaper iPhone, even if it is one generation behind. In my opinion, it is very difficult to understand why Apple has not released an iPhone SE2. It could corner a lot of the market that the likes of cheap Android phones are now cornering. I know plenty of anecdotal evidence of people who prefer iOS, but they are forced to buy a cheaper Android phone because they do not want to pay $700 or more for a phone.
  9. Kind of sad that a last gen phone is still their most popular model. I understand that generational leaps between phones are smaller than ever. But it being only slightly cheaper than the new iphone 11, I dont really get why people would still buy an XR over an 11. I would get the latest model given the small price difference, if just for the reason of longer support from the manufacturer.
  10. So if I understand correctly, they are using the surface area behind the screen to dissipate heat. The heat transfer is done through Graphite sheet through the hinges? I wonder if the heat near the screen would impact screen longevity? Also, would the hinges get really hot? The amount of heat that can be dissipated this way probably depends on the thickness of the hinges. Interesting concept at least.
  11. tech is 'americentrist' as you call it, because most big tech companies are based in the USA. Americans have AC because they live in places that are too hot / cold to be comfortable. Nest supposedly saves you money because people arent smart enough to turn off their heater when leaving the house or going to bed. Also it looks and feels fancy and fun. Americans use the Imperial system because that is what they are used to. And they (think they) are #1, so why change? There, I solved your problems for you.
  12. I mean, regardless of the "gamer" branding, isnt this just like an indoor slipper? It is not a "sock", since it has a solid rubber sole. The upper is knitted, like many sneakers are these days. Looks comfortable... if it was like half the price, I would consider it. For $80, no way.
  13. What a load of bullshit. There is plenty of evidence of successful companies being run by entirely reasonable, nice people. I have worked for nice people, and horrible people, either can be successful. What makes a company successful is being smart, hard working, making sound strategic decisions, etc. Not being a dick. If he is successful, it is DESPITE his attitude and misbehavior, not because of it.
  14. Lol, sure, everything is rigged. Let's not do any testing of anything, because it's all "paid for". Also, I can't tell whether you are upset at Windows Defender or Windows itself. Two different things. In your opinion, Windows is unsafe regardless of your antivirus option, so what are you even talking about? Windows has gone a long way towards improving security with UAC and popping up alerts every time an app wants to make changes. If your user is dumb enough to click "agree" and "accept" to every prompt, no amount of OS security can save you. Even on Android, scammers get users to install things outside of the app store and get their device compromised. It doesn't matter if your security is 100% waterproof. If your dumb user picks up the phone and provides their password and 2-factor authentication codes to a scammer, you are out of luck. Teach your mother not to download and install random .exe's or clicking every scam e-mail instead of blaming Windows.