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  1. I think you should just stop replying to me if you aren't capable of posting relevant information to this thread I don't need to be told what to do thankyou I am here to learn. sincerely hope this forum isn't full of idiots like you
  2. I am asking because this is a forum for tech enthusiast's who would know these sort of things...?, am I in the pizza forum or something aha I have an i7 6700k, with a PRIME z270-k i was not able to find videos to tell me what timings are good for a moderate RAM overclock
  3. what do you mean theres no such thing as should lol i've never been more confused in my life
  4. I am asking you what timings I should have for my RAM m8.
  5. I forgot to add that my mobo is an asus z170-k
  6. thankyou for the information. I was wondering what timings I should be using for my Kingston HyperX FURY Black 16GB Kit overclocked to 2400MHz at 1.3 volts, at this time I let ASUS auto fill my timings for me.
  7. no I said I set the voltage to 1.3 myself... I was only wondering on why CPU-Z is showing it as 1.2V when **I SET THE VOLTAGE TO 1.3 MYSELF***
  8. So I am very new to overclocking RAM, I was wondering why my CPU-Z is reporting my voltages in SPD at 1.20V when I set it to 1.30V in my BIOS?
  9. So sorry, I'm new to this forum I've made it blue.
  10. I'm not actually able to get into the OS so I wouldn't know how to send you such files D:
  11. Sorry, I'll edit that in Corsair VENGENCE 8gb x2
  12. your PC has run into an issue, we'll restart it for you after collecting some data. stopcode - PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA This is not the first time this has happened, it happened not even a month ago, but it fixed itself somehow. When it automatically restarts it just crashes again. Before the blue screen happened spammed with errors that say "The instruction at 0x00000006EDFC00 referenced memory at 0x00000004EDF5C00. The memory could not be writted. Click OK to terminate the program" and the box is WerFault.exe - Application error I tried wiping both my SSD and HDD and reinstalled windows, that didn't fix it. I took out each drive indivisually to see if it was a hdd or ssd problem, and reinstalled windows again. that didn't fix it. I also ran memtest through windows on each stick indivisually and they both passed with 0 errors. I talked to a microsoft support rep and they tried having be boot to lgkc and it said critical process died with a blue screen then we tried to use recovery mode and it blue screen crashed again. I tried reinstalling windows and after it installed it restarted and gave me a blue screen again. I've tried swapping around the RAM in different slots and when I removed a single stick it actually let me into the OS for the first time but after 10 minutes of me screwing around on my desktop it blue screen crashed again. The windows rep said that my OS stick could be corrupted so I installed a windows10 version that he gave me onto a flash drive and it still gave me a blue screen with the same error code after installed. I ran CHKDSK through the CMD and it came up with errors on my HDD but it fixed them after a scan and I still get a BSOD. I feel so hopeless. I think I've tried everything. I don't know what to do please help me. my specs are here: I7 6700k 4.00 GHZz Corsair VENGENCE 8gb x2 Asus STRIX gtx 1080 8gb Asus PRIME z270-k EVGA SuperNova 750W G2 Cooler Master 212 evo 256gb 850 evo 2TB WD Black HDD Masterbox case 5 Windows 10
  13. getting lots of mixed messages from here and tomshardware,saying "its fine harddrives are loud" and "return it that sounds weird af homie" can someone be my dad real quick and tell me what to do as a son
  14. i've screwed it in tightly and no cables are near it. the sound is new though, been like this for about 2 weeks now. when I first built the pc it didn't make these sounds.
  15. My hard drive is a western digital 2tb black. and whenever I start up a game installed on the HDD the hard drive starts making some grinding noise. here is a video of the sound I don't know what it is and it's annoying. Do you think this is returnable? I bought the hard drive from mikes computer shop.